CEX.IO January 2022 Media Report
Feb 10, 2022

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CEX.IO had a high volume of media coverage in January 2022. 

The new year started with a bang as CEX.IO expanded its offerings with new listings, partnerships, and product updates. Will Evans, CEX.IO’s Managing Director of the Americas, and Konstantin Anissimov, Managing Director of the U.K., sat with a variety of different podcast hosts and journalists to offer insight and thought leadership on the direction of the industry — and our growing company.

Here’s a snapshot of CEX.IO’s coverage in January:

Business Insider: The best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading bitcoin and other assets

On January 5, Business Insider’s personal finance vertical, aka Personal Finance Insider, updated its detailed list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Personal Finance Insider is dedicated to helping smart people make the best decisions with their money. In the report, CEX.IO was highlighted as having the best cryptocurrency selection. 

The article noted CEX.IO’s global operations, supporting traders in over 99% of the world. CEX.IO’s reach, credit and debit-supported Instant Buy feature, and wide selection of cryptos keep the exchange in the upper echelon of Insider’s top rankings. 

CEX.IO’s fee schedule was also recognized by Insider. In their own words, “It’s also important to point out CEX.IO’s fee schedule. The exchange has a maker/taker schedule that’s based on your 30-day trading volume. Maker orders can’t be executed immediately since there are no other orders to match with them; however, taker orders match immediately…”

The Crypto Rundown Podcast: Konstantin Anissimov, CEX.IO Managing Director of the U.K. Interviewed by Mark Longo, Founder of The Options Insider

On January 11, Konstantin Anissimov, CEX.IO Managing Director of the U.K., was interviewed on The Crypto Rundown podcast episode 138. The conversation was hosted by Mark Longo, CEO and Founder of The Options Insider Media Group. The Options Insider Media Group is dedicated to providing options information, financial news, and analysis.

In his first appearance on the podcast, Anissimov discussed his role at CEX.IO and the process of becoming fully regulated in the U.S. When asked about crypto market insights, Anissimov discussed the recent selloff in the crypto space and how it has impacted the volume, volatility, and value of bitcoin and altcoins. 

Questioned for his perspective on 2021 events, Anissimov explained, “What surprised me was by mid-2021, the DeFi industry became a huge industry… which generated massive returns for people… No one believed [DeFi] would accelerate so quickly, so fast with such force!” 

Hedgeweek: Keys to Crypto Growth

In their January 20 digital asset report, Hedgeweek explored the disconnect between crypto investments and hesitant institutional investors. Hedgeweek has been covering global hedge fund industry news, awards, and events for fund managers and investors since 2002. To understand why institutional adoption remains low, Hedgeweek contacted Konstantin Anissimov, CEX.IO Managing Director of the U.K.

The article discussed what needs to happen before institutions feel safe enough to invest in digital assets, how regulators ought to change their approach and framework, and the role central exchanges like CEX.IO can play in making the industry safe and regulated.

A key to de-risking crypto is regulatory involvement. Though no major frameworks have been implemented, regulators need to adapt to the nascent industry. Anissimov explains, “Regulators are trying to use traditional molds to shape a cutting-edge industry which is not always comparable with the legacy financial system. Given these difficulties, market participants must rise to the challenge of balancing cutting-edge innovation while incorporating what they do into existing regulatory frameworks. Exchanges that successfully achieve this balance are poised to win.”

When asked about expected innovations in 2022, Anissimov said he believes DeFi-centric hedge funds will begin to emerge as financial professionals continue to become more educated on the crypto industry.

gunnercooke: How to Choose the Right Crypto Exchange

On January 20, CEX.IO Managing Director of the U.K., Konstantin Anissimov joined Crypto Cast host and gunnercooke fintech partner, James Burnie, for the Season Two premiere of the Crypto Cast podcast. The episode explores what criteria crypto newbies should use to select the right crypto exchange. 

In this episode, listeners gain insight into how the crypto exchange industry has been expanding and evolving. Other areas of interest include: How crypto exchanges differentiate themselves from the competition, the state of crypto regulation, and the dichotomy between centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Anissimov also recalls his journey from crypto-curious to crypto-fluent and advises newbies to start small, take baby steps, and move slowly. This episode also delves into what the future holds for the development of centralized exchanges, DEXs, DAOs, and more. 

Aurus Blog: The Aurus Mobile App — Precious Metals & DeFi

Aurus, a blockchain-based infrastructure provider for global precious metals businesses and financial institutions, mentioned CEX.IO in its official mobile app release. The January 24 blog post covered the mobile app’s wallet functionality, how the Aurus token can interact with the Ethereum and Polygon networks, as well as the Aurus Vault Card. 

As a partnered distributor of Aurus assets, the CEX.IO exchange is nested in the market section of the Aurus app. For users looking to purchase AurusGOLD (AWG) and AurusDeFi (AWX) instantly with their credit card, CEX Direct is the official destination provided by Aurus. For AurusGOLD, AurusSILVER, AurusPLATINUM, and AurusDeFi, Aurus users can buy and sell on CEX.IO exchange.