CEX.IO December 2022 Media Report

, January 9, 2023

Winter is upon us in more ways than one, but December proved to be a scorcher for positive CEX.IO reviews, awards, and third-party validation. 

We ended the year on a high note with multiple appearances in Cointelegraph, including two contributions to the outlet’s Innovation Circle by our Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych. There was event coverage at the 2022 Finance Magnates London Summit, and CEX.IO also won industry recognition as the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange” at the 4th Annual Business Tabloid Awards, its first nod from the UAE outlet.

Not to be outdone, our rankings and reviews profile saw more success as the year wound to a close. CEX.IO maintained its position among the Top 10 on Hoptrail’s AML Leaderboard, and sits within striking distance of the next four positions. This was quickly followed by a glowing review in Beta Syndicate, which highlighted our commitment to offering straightforward and secure crypto solutions. 

Plus, CEX.IO’s Head of Corporate Payments, Arina Dudko, contributed timely thought leadership on how banks and crypto companies are adapting to a changing environment.

Hoptrail: AML Leaderboard – Top 10

Last month, CEX.IO maintained its Top 10 ranking on Hoptrail’s AML Leaderboard, with an aggregated score of 89.62. Receiving “checks” for our AML/KYC policies and a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) leadership team member, CEX.IO is a few fractions of a percentage point away from continuing its ascent.

Learn more about our ranking here.

Finextra: Banks and Crypto Companies are Co-Evolving. Customers Stand to Win.

On December 2, CEX.IO’s Head of Corporate Payments, Arina Dudko, appeared in Finextra to break down how banks and crypto companies are growing closer to compete for user attention. Drawing comparisons from co-evolutionary species in the natural world, Dudko applied these relationships to examine shifting consumer trends, and argued how market participants could come out on top.

“There was a point in time where no one thought banks would ever touch crypto. However, we’re seeing a similar relationship unfold in the financial world. Deemed too volatile and inclined to risk, crypto was written off as a passing fad at best and a nefarious scheme at worst. Today, almost all the biggest banks have introduced crypto products to meet rising demand, and others are developing their own digital asset strategies to avoid getting left behind.”

Cointelegraph: 15 things crypto leaders should focus on as interest rates rise

On December 13, CEX.IO Founder and CEO, Oleksandr Lutskevych, appeared in the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss how the crypto community should respond to rising interest rates. Recognizing the industry’s reputation for hedging certain economic forces, Lutskevych called for transparency when promoting the digital asset class to account for changing realities in crypto and correlated markets.

“Where crypto once functioned as a hedge against certain market forces, business leaders should be careful to apply nuance when discussing just how those benefits apply in our contemporary ecosystem. Lately, we’re seeing more correlated movements between TradFi and DeFi as the gap between them continues to narrow. Therefore, leaders should practice transparency when discussing any such potential.”

Yahoo!Finance: CEX.IO Named “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2022” at the 4th Annual Business Tabloid Awards

On December 14, Managing Director, U.K. and Europe, Konstantin Anissimov was quoted by Yahoo!Finance following CEX.IO’s win at the 4th Annual Business Tabloid Awards. Located in the UAE, Business Tabloid News highlights industry leaders and innovators at its yearly gathering, and named CEX.IO the “Best Cryptocurrency Exchange 2022” among a crowded field. This helped cement a fruitful year of third-party recognition.

“‘We are truly honored to be recognized by Business Tabloid News as a leader in the digital asset industry,’ said Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director for CEX.IO. ‘Throughout an unprecedented year in the crypto space, CEX.IO has remained steadfast in its commitment to transparency, operational excellence, and institutional-grade security on our award-winning platform. We can’t thank our community enough for their continued support. Their dedication inspires our innovation.’”

Cointelegraph: 16 industry leaders on practical ways to boost crypto’s reputation

On December 15, Lutskevych stepped back into the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to address how crypto can work to improve its public image. Honing in on the industry’s myopia around value potential, Lutskevych appealed to tech-focused builders and innovators to put the emphasis back on creating groundbreaking products, and re-assert the aim of encouraging widespread crypto adoption.

“Too much oxygen in the industry is taken up discussing the value potential of new projects. Rather, leaders should pivot the conversation toward the viability of projects and how they’re poised to spur more widespread adoption. If we think in broader terms, we have the chance to challenge the notion that crypto is a solution looking for a problem and invite new users to start their journey.”

Finance Magnates: CEX.IO’s Jonathan Wykes on Crypto Darwinism, Regulation and Rebuilding Trust

On December 22, Managing Director of Listings, Jonathan Wykes, sat down for an interview with Finance Magnates at their recent London Summit to discuss CEX.IO’s positioning in the current crypto landscape. With the industry still reeling from the collapse of FTX, Wykes reemphasized CEX.IO’s commitment to ethical crypto stewardship, and highlighted how the company sets itself apart by offering a user-centric experience.

“These very big exchanges having their associations with NFL and NBL and so on and so forth and actually you know you get a lot of users that would come on to the platform because of that, but the reality is they don’t necessarily understand what they’re getting into and for us, our belief is that it’s better to take their money and to invest it into our products on our ecosystem.”

Cointelegraph: Crypto can get weird: The 5 strangest stories of the industry in 2022

On December 24, CEX.IO’s Head of Global Innovations, Dmytro Volkov, spoke with Cointelegraph to recount some of the strangest stories that unfolded in the crypto ecosystem last year. From the arrest of high-profile bad actors, to new regulatory developments spurring broader crypto adoption, Volkov provided unique insight and context informed by his trusted tenure in the digital asset space.

“While attracting foreign investment is an intelligent move from CAR, a Bitcoin-based initial coin offering from a war-torn country is a weird development. CEX.IO’s Volkov told Cointelegraph that cryptocurrencies are ‘well positioned to help emerging economies fill gaps in the services their domestic financial systems are lacking’ and could help connect domestic financial systems to global markets.”

Beta Syndicate: In-Depth CEX.IO Review

On December 29, crypto and tech news outlet Beta Syndicate published a review praising CEX.IO’s product suite for its safety, simplicity, and ease of use. The site’s Founder and chief columnist, Jeffery Kaufman, spent over a year getting to know our services, and revealed how he kept returning to their sleek, intuitive design over “busier” options available across the market.

“The app is simple enough to navigate and as I said, CEX is clutter free. You can get what you need and be done in less time than most trading apps I’ve used, and buying coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum couldn’t be easier. If you have a bank or credit card, and you want to buy Bitcoin or any of the currencies listed, the process is quick, safe and pretty easy.”



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