GBP Support Added to Simplified Interface

, March 27, 2017

CEX.IO improved simplified buy/sell interface by enabling support for British Pounds. Such an update will be especially appealing for users from UK who are willing to buy Bitcoins with their local currency.

How it Works?

Literally, the interface looks like an exchanger with packages for a certain amount of Bitcoins or purchases or sales. You can either choose a bundle or enter a custom amount of coins. The price is recalculated automatically every 120 seconds, to ensure that BTC price is up-to-date.

To purchase Bitcoins with GBP, follow the steps:

  1. Log in or register on CEX.IO
  2. Link a card (in GBP or any other currency)
  3. Fund your account
  4. Buy BTC with GBP using the interface

With the new update, you are welcome to use payment cards in GBP as well, which allows to avoid extra conversion fees. Moreover, you can also sell BTC for GBP and eventually cash out funds to VISA or MasterCard in GBP. In general, card payments are immediate.

What’s More

As CEX.IO is a UK-based business, we are particularly glad to develop GBP market and add respective trading pairs on the platform. We believe that Buy/Sell interface will attract even more cryptocurrency beginners to the Bitcoin community, due to ease of use.



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