We have recently made changes to our Listing/Delisting Policy. These changes clarify how we delist coins from CEX.IO.

  • Once we announce a plan to delist a coin from our platform, we will disable deposits for it the following day. This means customers will no longer be able to deposit this coin to CEX.IO.
  • From the date of the announcement, customers will still have 30 days to trade the coin. After this period, we will disable trading.
  • Customers with the coin on their balance will have 30 days after the initial announcement to withdraw the coin from CEX.IO. If the coin remains in a customer’s account after 30 days, a storage fee will be applied. This fee will be debited from the customer’s balance until they withdraw the remaining coins or their balance goes to zero.

Using the CEX.IO platform after these updates come into force constitutes acceptance of the updated Listing/Delisting Policy. If you have any questions, our support team is ready to help.