A while ago, we mentioned a couple of tokens and coins we were considering listing on CEX.IO. Today, we would like to announce the upcoming listing of #MetaHashCoin which serves as the main economic asset of the rapidly growing #MetaHash network. Designed as a platform for decentralized services and apps in real time, #MetaHash uses its original protocol which supports an unprecedented speed and scalability of 50k+ transactions per second with less than 3 seconds of validation.

Although #MetaHash is a relatively new project with its MainNet launched in June 2018, it has already firmly established itself in the crypto community. Below are the key elements and highlights of the project that will help you understand #MetaHash better.

#MetaHash network explained

#MetaHash is a self-sustained ecosystem which consists of several components:

1.     #TraceChain — a new AI based blockchain protocol which uses an advanced data synchronization approach to make crypto transactions fast as never before.

2.     #MetaApps — a service for decentralizing any application or web-site on #MetaHash network, capable of processing any programming language including C++, PHP, Solidity, and others, and is fully compatible with any other blockchains.

3.     #MetaGate — a decentralized directory and browser which includes DApps by third-party developers and native applications such as #MetaWallet, #MetaTalk, and other.

4.     #MetaHashCoin — a native cryptocurrency which is the main economic and utility asset used for network’s self-reliance and general payments in the ecosystem: transactions, data storage, public addresses, advertising, and more.

Why consider trading #MHC?

#MHC is a utility token and the fuel of the #MetaHash network. It gained traction in the market thanks to the role it plays in the economics of the entire #MetaHash ecosystem.

Here are some reasons for paying attention to #MHC:

  • READY FOR MASS ADOPTION. #MetaHash supports more than 50,000 transactions per second, which is more than enough for any client service or business needs.
  • STABLE GROWTH. The network is live from June 2018 and is rapidly growing embracing hundreds of servers established by the community at the moment and approaching full decentralization in the upcoming months.
  • SOLID TECHNOLOGY. #MetaHash own protocol uses a number of know-hows in data synchronization and consensus algorithm based on various roles, which makes this project one of the most promising and solid technologies in blockchain today.
  • LONG-TERM GROWTH. Forging, a process of facilitating the network by providing computational resources to #MetaHash, is much easier and cost-effective than traditional mining. Forging enabled #MetaHash to build a vast community of enthusiasts, and #MHC holders thus formed a reliable foundation for the further growth of the whole ecosystem.
  • HIGH INTERNAL LIQUIDITY. The constant demand of #MetaHashCoins among the project’s community for staking and getting rewards provides additional advantages and opportunities.

We are excited about the new opportunities that listing of #MHC brings to our clients!

Mark your calendars!

  • #MHC deposits and BTC and ETH pairs will be enabled on May 21, 2019.
  • We will continue adding more #MHC pairs and sharing more news thereafter. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, if you have questions, thoughts, or suggestions, chat with us in our Telegram Group: https://t.me/CEX_IO.