During our six-year history, we’ve won the trust of over 3 million people around the world. The comfort and needs of our existing and potential customers is our top priority, which is why we thoroughly research and enter into partnerships. Naturally, our customers have different backgrounds and knowledge of crypto trading. We strive to keep CEX.IO clear for beginners while also satisfying traders with advanced skills. 

Today, we’re taking one more step toward meeting the needs of professional crypto traders and busy people interested in crypto. We’re glad to announce our first partnership of its kind with Superorder, a web-based crypto trading terminal for those who want to use advanced orders and test automated trading.   

We envision this partnership as a true synergy of trading platforms for the benefit of traders. Superorder connects to your CEX.IO account using an API key, and your funds stay safe on the CEX.IO exchange. With the CEX.IO API integrated into Superorder, high-frequency traders can now use the enhanced toolset offered by the Superorder terminal and add CEX.IO to their liquidity sources right in one interface that they’re used to – while still trading on CEX.IO. 

About Superorder

Superorder works directly in a browser, which means you can use it on any operating system and there’s no need to download and install any software. It supports various order types such as dynamic trailing buys and sells, technical indicators, and forks. One of the platform’s main features is a user-friendly visual strategy builder for programming trading strategies without actual algorithmic programming. The drag-and-drop interface offers different blocks – such as technical indicators and orders – that can be arranged to create unique strategies that Superorder automatically executes. 

Finally, Superorder integrates with other exchanges besides CEX.IO, allowing for cross-exchange orders and syncing trading on different markets using one terminal.