UPDATED. Tons of TON 🪂 Airdrop + $10,000 Giveaway
Mar 3, 2021

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Buckle up and prepare for a new tokenomics era because we’re ready to take off, loaded with tons of TON to make it happen. Free TON is a community-driven project allowing you to join a fully decentralized ecosystem of the brand new blockchain generation. Being a steward of decentralization in the industry, CEX.IO is joining forces with the Free TON project to foster the adoption of TON Crystal tokens and simplify access to decentralized finance. Hence, we invite you to become a participant of the TON network, hence be a part of the emerging DeFi sector and make them stronger. Together we are broadening the horizon of what’s possible in crypto. 😎 To make it simpler, we’re offering you the opportunity of getting some TON Crystal tokens for free. 😱 In short:
  • Get TONs for FREE in our Airdrop;
  • Enjoy an increased 15.5% TON staking reward;
  • Participate in Giveaway and boost your portfolio by up to $2,000 worth of crypto.
Want more details? Let’s get down to business.

TONs for everyone

To get your TON CRYSTAL reward, visit our TON promotion page and log in there with your email address*. *Important! Use the email that’s already registered with your CEX.IO account. If you don’t have a CEX.IO account yet, then you’ll need to register it with the same email that you use to log in to the TON Promotion page. Claim your 50 TON for your first fiat deposit or instant crypto purchase with your card on CEX.IO 🤯 We don’t just give you TONs – in addition to them you get a huuuuuge potential to earn. As soon as TONs land your CEX.IO balance, you immediately increase your capital in TON with the help of an unprecedentedly increased TON staking reward of 15.5%. And if you also buy TONs (for the deposit you’ve made) – your earning potential multiplies. 🤩 But wait, there’s more. 😏Also, you can participate in a Giveaway of $10,000 worth of crypto.


Win your up to $2,000 worth crypto portfolio 

Apart from participating in the Airdrop and getting 50 TON, you can take part in a Giveaway and win a prize — a crypto portfolio of equal portions of TON, DOT, ADA, KAVA, ZIL with a total value of up to $2000. To participate in the Giveaway, in addition to your first fiat deposit or instant crypto purchase, complete one or more actions from the list on the TON Promotion page. ➡️ If you only did your first fiat deposit or instant purchase with a card to get TONs airdrop, you automatically participate in the Giveaway and have a chance to win the crypto portfolio. And the more actions you complete, the higher are your chances to win the prizes. The total prize fund for the Giveaway makes $10,000. We’ll select the winners randomly and distribute the crypto portfolio prizes as follows:
  • 1 winner gets a $2000 worth portfolio
  • 15 winners —  $200 worth portfolios
  • 100 winners — $50 worth portfolios
Keep an eye on our Twitter page on April 2 as we’ll announce the winners there.


Rules part ☝🏼

  1. The promotion is running from March 3 through April 1, 2021,*.
  2. To participate in the promotion and qualify for the prizes, you need to log in with your email on this page. We ask for your email to be able to contact you and inform you about the prizes.
  3. To log in to the promotion page, use the email registered with your CEX.IO account. Or if you are about to open an account with CEX.IO, please make sure you register it with the email address you used to log in to the TON promotion page.
  4. Participants get 50 TON for making their first-ever fiat deposit or for purchasing crypto with their card using our Instant Buy service on CEX.IO.**
  5. By making your first-ever deposit or purchasing crypto with your card using our Instant Buy service, you automatically participate in a $10,000 Giveaway by CEX.IO.
  6. TON bonuses will be sent within 7 business days after you complete the qualifying action.
  7. We’ll announce the Giveaway winners on the CEX.IO Twitter page on April 2, 2021.
Note: The promotion is available for the customers from the countries where CEX.IO can provide its servicesThe offer is unavailable for US customers. *CEX.IO reserves the right to change the dates and terms of the promotions with the prior announcement. ** To make a deposit in CEX.IO, you need to have Identity verification at least. Start your journey into the world of open finance right now! Click the button below to get loaded with tons of TONs, and win more prizes. 👇

Let’s go for it