Mandatory Verification Comes into Effect on CEX.IO
Dec 11, 2018

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We previously informed you that verification on CEX.IO would become mandatory. This requirement is already applicable to all new and unverified customers.

Verification stages

Please note there are several options for verification on CEX.IO. Let’s consider the most popular verification types.

After verifying your payment card, you’ll be able to use our instant crypto purchase service.

After passing the Address verification stage, you will:

  • get access to all payment options available on CEX.IO;
  • increase your deposit and withdrawal limits;
  • improve your trading experience.

For verified users

Already verified users don’t need to pass verification again. If you’re already verified, your verification status will remain the same and nothing will change in terms of your ability to use the CEX.IO platform.

To make sure the updated verification system is clear, we’ve changed the names of some account types. This will give you a better sense of what the types mean. You can find the previous and the corresponding new account types in the table below.

Previous New
Basic, without verified payment card Unverified
Basic, with verified payment card Identity Verification
Verified Address Verification
Verified Plus Enhanced Verification
Corporate Corporate Verification

Note that the conditions for each of the respective verification stages remain unchanged. You can check your verification status and learn about the conditions for your account type in the Limits and Commissions section.

Account types are synced across the web and mobile app, so you can also learn your status in the CEX.IO app. To do so, just go to the Verification tab in the menu of your CEX.IO mobile app.

We believe that this update will help us provide you with an even more secure trading environment and even better trading opportunities. On our side, we’ll continue improving our platform to make the crypto world more accessible.