You Are Our Hero

, November 14, 2022

2022 has certainly been eventful and challenging for our industry. From the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February, straight through to last week’s collapse of one of our competitors, volatility has sometimes felt like the only constant this year.

In reality however, setbacks are an inevitable part of overall growth. And although recent events have been unsettling, they are also a reminder of the importance of customer-focused ethics. These have been part of CEX.IO’s DNA since our founding almost a decade ago.

We want to take this opportunity to affirm our commitment to safely connecting people and businesses to opportunities in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, serving as a guide alongside their individual journey. This is a very serious responsibility that requires transparency. As such, we’d like to share a few fundamentals about our core beliefs, business ethics and above all, the pledge we make to support the hero of every individual crypto journey. You. 

Your crypto is yours

Simply put, funds are always available to our customers, and held in 1:1 custody. Perhaps most importantly — and in any market scenario — client and company money is managed and held separately. This unshakable practice has earned us the trust of over five million global market participants who want to get ahead in the digital assets economy. CEX.IO is their crypto guide, helping them chart their path, with more opportunities and fewer steps along the way.

CEX.IO will never use your funds for market moves that are not expressly dictated by your own personal investment strategy. Your assets belong to you whether trading, storing, transferring or earning. As mentioned above, they are held 1:1 in custody, and we maintain 100% reserves. 

We take the same cautious approach with our own resources. CEX.IO works only with major crypto exchanges that have all released transparency statements about the safety of their operations in recent days. 

Our history demands consistency and reliability 

CEX.IO was founded in 2013 with a mission to support global financial inclusion through the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Through markets bull or bear, we’ve never lost sight of our belief that decentralized finance has the power to change the world — and people’s lives — for the better. 

In keeping this fundamental belief at the center of everything we do, over five million users have enjoyed convenient, safe access to the world of decentralized finance. Our product pipeline, security posture and customer service approach are all rooted in our commitment to consistency, stability and user empowerment — wherever you come from, or want to travel through the ecosystem.

Regulatory leadership by example 

For crypto to achieve mainstream adoption, we’ve always believed the same rules must apply to the cryptocurrency industry as they do to other payment instruments. 

CEX.IO is a global company with a thoroughly inclusive approach to engaging regulators. In 2015 we completed our first audit with the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This was the start of a sustained commitment to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing from polluting the crypto ecosystem. Over the years, our commitment to compliance and regulation has become a competitive advantage. 

A few important highlights:

  • CEX.IO is a FinCEN registered Money Service Business. Our registration can be found here.
  • CEX.IO maintains more than 30 money transmitter licenses, and updates its current regulatory status in the U.S. here.   
  • CEX.IO is registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Our registration can be found here.
  • CEX.IO has Distributed Ledger Technology License and Money Lending License in Gibraltar. See details here.

We will not waver in our commitment to a safe, inclusive ecosystem. Opportunities never come at the expense of reliability, stability and regulatory compliance. 

Our operations are built and sustained with our hero at the center

We make three promises to you, our hero:

1. We’ll help you safely seize more opportunities as you chart the path of your individual crypto journey.

2. You’ll experience a smoother journey with fewer steps and obstacles along the way.

3. You’ll be empowered to reach your full potential with knowledge and tools, shared by a seasoned guide with an unmovable moral compass. 

Respected third-party validation of our work

CEX.IO has been the recipient of numerous industry accolades just in 2022 alone. In September, we were named the Most Trusted Crypto Exchange and Most Secured Trading Platform in the UK by the International Business Magazine Awards. Earlier this year, we were ranked the 9th Best Cryptocurrency Exchange by CryptoCompare, listed by Forbes as a Top 20 Best Global Crypto Exchange, named ”Best Overall DeFi Platform” in the FinTech Breakthrough Awards, and recognized as the Best Exchange in the 2022 Hedgeweek European Digital Assets Awards.  

This kind of visibility is more than feel-good brand validation. Rather, third-party recognition from respected entities affirms the customer-focused ethics, strategy and innovation that have always been the core of our work. We care that you care, and we’ll always be there for support, whether you’re a “crypto curious” first time market participant, or a “crypto serious” player looking for cutting edge tools to drive your personal approach to decentralized finance. 

As we’ve already said, industry setbacks are a mandatory, if lamentable part of growth and maturity. We’ve endured winters over the years — some colder than others — with an unshakeable belief in the power of crypto to safely and democratically widen the net of financial inclusion. With that belief comes great responsibility, and we’ll never lose sight of that fact.

We value the trust you place in us. There are no shortcuts in our operations or ethics, and there never will be. 



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