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The Bitcoin Overview in Philippines & East Africa


The Bitcoin Overview in Philippines & East Africa

Bitcoin is a remedy for the challenges facing remittances around the world due to its low cost, non-discriminatory nature and speed of settlement. In both East Africa and the Philippines, Bitcoin is an alternative channel to sending value home from abroad. While both are in different parts of the world, there are similarities in both markets and a unique opportunity.

Bitcoin Accepted Here: Amagi Metals


We continue reviewing popular online and offline platforms, which have chosen Bitcoin as a way of payment for their goods and services. Amagi Metals website is on our list today. Bitcoin for Gold As known, Amagi Metals company is into selling precious metals to its customers.

Como pagar com Bitcoin usando o seu iPhone


É de senso comum que o iPhone não possui as melhores opções para dispositivos móveis se eles quiserem fazer pagamentos com Bitcoin. Ainda assim, uma das grandes ideias em discussão na Bitcoin Conference 2014 é que: “Bitcoin + iPhone.