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Crypto Ecosystem

Could Bitcoin’s price reach a new all-time high in June?

June is historically the second-worst month for Bitcoin price performance, but the market remains optimistic. Discover whether this could help BTC’s price reach a new all-time high.

Jun 07, 2024 | 9 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

Mt.Gox prepares to distribute Bitcoin. Could it push the BTC price lower?

Mt.Gox made its first BTC transfer in five years. Discover whether this 10-year saga is about to end, and how it could affect crypto markets.

May 30, 2024 | 9 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

Ether ETFs made a U-turn. What could be next?

The SEC approved Ether ETFs, but left a cliffhanger. Explore what this could bring to the market, and what might happen next.

May 24, 2024 | 11 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

GameStop is back. Is this the beginning of a new memecoin rally?

GameStop’s stock made a rapid comeback, sparking a meme wave across crypto and traditional markets. Explore whether this might have long-term consequences.

May 17, 2024 | 12 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

What could be behind the $300 billion drop in crypto markets?

Most top digital assets saw double-digit price drops in the past week. Learn what catalysts could be behind this move, and other industry developments.

Apr 18, 2024 | 10 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

Could Ethena be the next Terra?

DeFi protocol Ethena saw a significant surge over the last few months. Explore whether this could be a future danger, and other industry news.

Apr 11, 2024 | 11 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

Does memecoins surge mean that altcoin season is around the corner?

Memecoins recorded over 1,300% in returns in Q1 2024. Learn if this could be a sign of an altcoin season, and explore other industry developments.

Apr 04, 2024 | 12 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

A “pullback for ants,” or preparation for a deeper Bitcoin correction?

Bitcoin temporarily reclaimed $71,000, after experiencing a 10-day price correction. Learn what might be next for Bitcoin, and explore the latest industry developments.

Mar 28, 2024 | 11 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

Bitcoin updated its all-time high. What might be next?

Bitcoin’s price temporarily moved above $69,000, reaching its all-time high. Learn what could be driving this rally, and explore other major crypto events in our blog.

Mar 07, 2024 | 11 min read
Crypto Ecosystem

Liquid restaking surge: could this be dangerous?

Learn what liquid restaking is, and why Ethereum’s (ETH) price jumped to $3,000. Explore the latest crypto events in our blog.

Feb 22, 2024 | 13 min read