The sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is moving on, and numerous innovative and creative ideas come to the foreground. We offer you an overview of the most useful events to take place in April 2018.

1. Fintech World Euro Summit

When: April 4, 2018

Where: London, UK


Blockchain is here to stay and it admits of no doubt. Distributed ledger applications are continuously introduced to remodel businesses and by that reconstruct major economic sectors.

Fintech World Euro Summit is the place where thought leaders will share their insights into the future of cryptocurrency, Blockchain opportunities for industries, crowdfunding models and token issuance, the regulatory framework for cryptoeconomy, and many more. In addition to the keynote speeches of renowned experts, the event will feature a Road Show to present new ICO projects to potential investors.

For more opportunities and details of the event, please contact the official representatives

2. CryptoBlockCon

When: April 4-5, 2018

Where: Los Angeles, USA


Come to the sunny high-end L.A. to meet, learn from and network with the most prominent crypto asset and blockchain experts, investors, advisers, and active industry players. Innovative benefits of Blockchain tech, practical cases of its usage and the most disruptive Blockchain projects that stand a good chance to shape the future of digital currencies will be demonstrated and discussed.

You will get updates and valuable insights from top industry speakers, while decision-makers will be able to meet startups passionate about using blockchain to advance different industries and leverage the tech to improve business processes. Book your seat now and enjoy the grand scale meetup

3. Draper University Blockchain Bootcamp

When: April 9-13, 2018

Where: San Mateo, USA


Register for the five-day intensive program aimed at corporate executives from different industries, who would like to update themselves on disruptive Blockchain tech and its solutions to further implement it in their fields, industries, and businesses.

Presented by the top US Draper University, the course will bring a unique opportunity to roll in the deep of tech innovation, staying day and night with other entrepreneurs and lead mentors from all over the world in the inspiring atmosphere of Silicon Valley. Learn about Blockchain tech and its efficiencies from the global thought leaders, share ideas and opinions.

Get valuable insights on how to effectively integrate Blockchain into your field or industry, to improve existing or create a new business model.

Do not miss an exciting opportunity to present your startup concept to up to 100 investors and Draper University alumni

4. The 2nd Global Financial Technology & Blockchain China Summit 2018

When: April 12, 2018

Where: Shanghai


In the last few years, Blockchain technology has been gaining much attention from investors, entrepreneurs, regulators and government officials. This is due to the fact that blockchain solutions are applicable to almost all industries and business segments. But how exactly is Blockchain changing the community and the environment around it?

The 2nd Global Financial Technology & Blockchain China Summit is the place where over 800 prominent speakers and industry contributors will meet to share their professional expertise on Blockchain development and implementation in finance, payment processing, electronic records keeping, identity authentication, data security, and many more. The summit will include focused discussions, an exhibition, and a mini show, presenting blockchain-related projects.

Unlock Blockchain opportunities with the 2nd Global Financial Technology & Blockchain China Summit 2018!

5. BlockYard Conference

When: April 14, 2018

Where: Gdansk, Poland


The BlockYard Conference is organized to present successful cases, feature new promising Blockchain concepts and ICO projects, share experiences and make useful professional connections. The event will gather software developers, investors, FinTech experts, miners, and everyone interested in the innovative Blockchain technology and projects based on it.

The main topics to be discussed will be the future of Blockchain, ICOs, and investment potential of the Blockchain-based startups.

The conference will engage both the beginners making their first steps in learning Blockchain technology and advanced users who aim at updating their knowledge and meet potential investors or partners. Be among them, register for the conference here

6. Blockchain Summit Kyiv

When: April 26, 2018

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine


Nowadays blockchain and cryptocurrencies are heavily applied by financial institutions, businesses, and even governments to keep up with the latest technology developments and trends. The key concept underlying Blockchain technology is decentralization, and this is what makes it so unique and innovative for the community.

Blockchain Summit Kyiv is organized to introduce you to disruptive Blockchain solutions and practices which were worked out by leading experts in the industry. The summit is expected to gather major contributors to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere, who will be speaking on the challenges and opportunities for the emerging digital economy. The event also offers a unique opportunity for the companies to participate in the exhibition and by that improve their brand awareness and build business contacts.

Don’t miss the chance to participate in shaping the Blockchain powered future.

7. Blockchain Summit Frankfurt

When: April 26, 2018

Where: Frankfurt


In the fast-paced business, world companies and organizations quickly lose their competitive advantage if they do not implement breakthrough technologies into their operation. Nowadays, this very technology is Blockchain, the decentralized ledger that is embraced by many leading businesses.

Blockchain Summit Frankfurt is the event that covers each and every Blockchain-related topic and focuses on real-world applications and use cases. This Summit comprises one-day conference and an exhibition that will bring together the business leaders and innovators.

Register for Europe’s largest Blockchain event and make use of the exceptional networking opportunities.

8. World Blockchain Forum Dubai

When: April 16-17, 2018

Where: Dubai, UAE


Society is on the verge of a new world economy powered by innovative tech and transformative concepts. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have already respecified the core principles of investment, trading and payment services. And this is just the beginning.

World Blockchain Forum acts as an exclusive event for industry leaders with a major focus on investments and ICOs. The event will join the representatives of the financial world in Dubai, U.A.E., to discuss the impact of cryptocurrency on the global investment landscape and consider the opportunities of shifting to a blockchain-based future. World Blockchain Forum offers a unique networking scope with unparalleled access to the internationally renowned technology experts, innovators and investors.

Book your tickets now to get admission to the conference

9. eFintech Show

When: April11-12, 2018

Where: Barcelona, Spain


The emerging FinTech sector is characterized by advanced technological solutions for traditional financial services and reinvention of business models. Coupled with Blockchain technology, the modern financial system is headed towards a totally new and potentially disruptive concept of a decentralized economy, which might forever change the way financial markets and institutions operate.

eFintech Show will bring you closer to the Blockchain based future of banking and finance. Two days and two sessions, where the key speakers from Europe and Latin America meet to introduce you to the hot new Fintech trends, opportunities, challenges, and reliable business solutions and the 30 most disruptive startups present their innovative ideas and exhibit their products.

To learn about the conditions of attending the event, please check the official website

10. Blockchain in Supply Chain

When: April 25, 2018

Where: Austin, Texas


Blockchain is here to stay and it is hardly disputable. The community has already recognized its advantages for financial services, but the range of blockchain application goes far beyond this.

As the name implies, Blockchain in Supply Chain is a conference that aims to unlock the potential of distributed ledger technologies for streamlining supply and distribution services. The speakers will focus on the solutions blockchain technology brings to improve procurement, logistics, asset tracking and propel supply chain management to the next level.

Eager to know how blockchain will affect the supply chain and stay up to date with the latest trends, contact the official representatives and book the tickets.