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The Best Blockchain Events Worth Visiting in Summer 2019

, March 4, 2019

You can spend summer with benefits for your understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Learn about the innovations and developments in the sphere by joining the events bringing specialists, enthusiasts, and everyone interested in the blockchain technology together to share experience and collect new insights.


  • Blockchain Summit Singapore

When: August 20, 2019

Where: Singapore


Blockchain Summit is one of the greatest events from the Blockchain Series. On August 20, it will unite captains of industry, leading business players and technology pioneers, who will discuss the positive and negative impact of blockchain. The event will combine a conference and an exhibition that are both fully devoted to the role of distributed ledger technology in business.

Of course, you don’t want to miss this summit as it will deliver only unique content (keynote presentations, debates, practical cases, etc.) and provide exclusive networking sessions where you can interact with 80 prominent speakers.

So, don’t waste your chance to get valuable knowledge, skills, and partnerships.

Furthermore, the organizers of the event have prepared special offers for CEX.IO customers — a 20% discount

  • Mobile Payments Conference

When: August 26-28, 2019

Where: Chicago, Illinois, the US


We live in the digital era, and the emerging tech solutions open up new opportunities for both customers and enterprises. So, it’s high time to learn what we can get from the industry-shaping technology like blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI, and explore how and where they can be used.

The Mobile Payment Conference is a must-visit event for everyone who wants to know how to benefit from alternative payment technologies and implement them in business, commerce, and other sectors. If you’re working in the spheres of finance, banking, government, security, technology, marketing, etc., this event will be perfect for you!

You will have over 2 days of immersive learning, networking, and discussions on the benefits and drawbacks of new payment technology.

Be quick to register here

  • Blockchain Conference

When: July 19-21, 2019

Where: Saint Louis, Missouri, the US


Saint Louis is very excited to host the Blockchain Conference on July 19-21! The aim of this conference is to bring together the brightest minds and influencers in the spheres of Blockchain and Finance. Expert speakers will talk about initiatives for further development of the community. You will meet blockchain enthusiasts, decision makers, government officials, banking specialists, investors, technology experts, and many other guests.

The conference promises to feature projects that will surely attract your attention. You will get only fresh information from the industry experts and will have a great opportunity to share insights with like-minded enthusiasts.

After the conference, there will be a networking event that will let you meet the greatest people in the crypto and blockchain sphere.

So, join the event and don’t miss all the exciting things!

  • FiNext Awards & Conference

When: August 29-30, 2019

Where: Orlando, Florida, the US


FiNext Tech Awards & Conference is heading to Orlando to gather creative and passionate people in one space for connecting and innovating. As you may guess from the name of the conference, it will act as both a celebration of people who have driven the evolution of tech world, and a networking event where leading specialists will share their insights.

If you’re a representative of a fintech start-up, you may introduce your project to the vast audience, learn about new solutions, meet industry experts and connect with them.

For blockchain enthusiasts, financial officers, media and service providers the event promises to offer extensive knowledge exchange, discussions on urgent topics, and great opportunities for obtaining the latest products and offers.

Don’t miss out on this and buy your tickets right away

  • Global Blockchain Forum

When: August 9, 2019

Where: Hong Kong


FinTech is closely associated with the recent developments and innovations. And it is therefore impossible to imagine this industry without blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as these technologies have brought new opportunities for various businesses.

So many groundbreaking things are happening in this sector that it becomes a must to keep up with the trends. Global Blockchain Forum is here to provide you with relevant and fresh insights. The conference will cover the hottest topics — digital payments, AI, blockchain-based banking, lending, etc. Also, it will serve as a hub where the experts will discuss the future of FinTech, the impact of cryptocurrencies on this sphere, and why blockchain technologies will transform our world.

In addition, you will meet the influencers from the industry, and be able to exchange ideas, and thoughts regarding the latest trends and spheres they are involved in. So, there’s a bulk of great networking opportunities that you can’t miss out on. The tickets are available here

  • Blockchain Futurist Conference

When: August 12-14, 2019

Where: Toronto, Canada


With more than 2500 guests, Blockchain Futurist Conference is expected to be the biggest tech-related event in Canada. The aim of BFC is to provide a platform for discussing the prospects of blockchain, AI, and other innovative solutions across various sectors. The conference will be mainly focused on the emerging trends and their potential in the sphere of research, investment, business activities and so on.

BFC comprises 50+ exhibitions, discussion panels, and Blockchain Bootcamp to promote public awareness and adoption. What’s more, the industry experts will be engaged in live interviews and a press conference.

So, if you’re looking for a place where you will able to discuss, discover, demonstrate and use new disruptive technologies, attending this event is a must.

So, hurry up and buy tickets here

  • Blockchain Summit Latam

When: July 4-5, 2019

Where: Mexico City, Mexico


Blockchain Summit Latam is an outstanding event where rising trends in technology, development, regulations will be discussed. As the name suggests, the conference will gather experts from Latin America, and, of course, other countries as well. They will share their insights regarding the growth of ecosystem for Blockchain and Digital Assets.

If you visit this summit you will:
— be aware of what is happening in the technology sphere around the world;
— learn all the aspects of its development;
— participate in special workshops in order to know more about the industry;
— build useful contacts, and interact with industry leaders.

So, join this unique Blockchain and Digital Assets summit, and buy tickets here

  • Digital Banking

When: June 19-21, 2019

Where: Austin, Texas, the US


Austin is excited to host Digital Banking 2019, the biggest event in the financial industry! It promises to gather more than 1,700 leading specialists from banking and FinTech institutions worldwide. The event will be useful for those interested in the spheres of digital payments, big data, blockchain, ML/AI, etc.

The attendees will learn about all the pros and cons of digital banking and will be introduced to the innovative alternatives. Through insightful speeches, experts will share their profound knowledge and ideas about the future of digital finance.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to grasp the news from the industry, and become the first to know about advanced solutions in digital banking.

By the way, there’s a bonus for CEX.IO customers. You will be exclusively provided with a 20% discount. Just enter CEX20 when booking your ticket, and enjoy your discount

  • World Blockchain Forum

When: June 22-23, 2019

Where: Singapore

2019 is packed full of various blockchain events. One such event is World Blockchain Forum that will take place in Singapore in June.

It will bring together 4000 blockchain experts and supporters, 100 prominent speakers from Asia, and representatives from the governments. They will discuss the latest trends in the industry including the new generation of blockchain, the growth of decentralized economies, and the industry shift from FinTech to RegTech.

WBF aims to become the accelerator of blockchain progress and promote the growth of a decentralized digital world. As a part of WBF, the World Blockchain Award Asia will be held, where the most promising projects will be acknowledged.

So, feel free to join this outstanding event and get some new experiences.

  • Artificial Intelligence Conference

When: June 18-21, 2019

Where: Beijing, China


AI is now the hottest topic as it is becoming a go-to technology for many industries. So, it’s only natural that people want to learn more about it, and how it works. Are you among these people?

Look no further than the Artificial Intelligence Conference in Beijing! The leading speakers will provide you with industry-specific case studies, the latest news and best practices. There, you’ll also find out about new approaches to the implementation of AI in your business to boost its further growth.

Also, the attendees will have a great opportunity to meet the thought leaders, share their ideas with like-minded innovators, and build new contacts.

So, don’t miss your chance of becoming a part of this conference, and register now. The good news is that you can use a special discount code – CEXIO – and enjoy 20% off Silver or Bronze passes.

  • London Fintech Week 2019

When: July 5-10, 2019

Where: London, the UK


Fintech Week is coming back. For six years now it has been one of the most disruptive international events in the financial area. As usual, the event includes a set of insightful conferences, presentations, workshops, hackathons, meetups, and parties – for five days!

The five-day conference is going to bring together experts from the industry to talk about the emerging challenges and opportunities. Also, the event will serve as a venue for networking sessions, where young businesses will be able to build beneficial partnerships and discuss new blockchain initiatives. So, everyone will find something to their interest.

Don’t hesitate to join London Fintech Week in July! Book tickets now. Good news is that CEX.IO customers can use a promocode – CEX20 – and get a 20% discount.

  • Crypto Valley Conference

When: June 24-26, 2019

Where: Zug, Switzerland


The first blockchain conference with a focus on academic perfection.

And it will cover economics, finance, and technology topics as they are discussed and heard most often, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

For attendees, the conference promises to provide lots of presentations, warm-up sessions, workshops, discussions and parties, and other interesting activities.

And it will bring together the prominent experts, savants, scientists, etc., who will present the top 25 publications in the industry, real-life application examples, and share their experience.

As well, the companies who host the exhibition booths will have an opportunity to introduce the audience with their products/services.

This means that the event will both educative and networking. And if you’re looking for a place like this, feel free to join —!

  • Next Block Asia

When: June 25-26, 2019

Where: Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok will headline a leading conference NEXT BLOCK Conference powered by a collaboration of CoinAdvice and Krypton Events.

This time the event promises to be much greater and providing more unique opportunities for both exhibition and promotion for everyone.

It will gather the most influential people from crypto, blockchain and finance spaces intended to find answers and solutions that will help in solving of major issues in the industry, and also give a burst for every visitor.

Also, if you’re an investor you can join Next Block Pre-Party right after the conference for networking opportunities, cocktails, and debates on the future of blockchain companies and diversifying your portfolio indeed.

So, hurry up to buy the tickets here,, or contact the organizers if you have some other questions.

  • Blockchain Summit London

When: June 26-27, 2019

Where: London, the UK


The trend-setting blockchain event is heading to London! The aim of Blockchain Summit is to elicit the revolutionary potential of distributed ledger technology in business. The two-day event will combine a conference and exhibition, and focus on the challenges that companies face on their way to blockchain-based environment.

It will bring together tech experts, business leaders, and influencers to discuss the emerging opportunities for our digital future, as well as the impact of blockchain on finances, retail, insurance, etc.

Furthermore, the guests will listen to insightful speeches of over 200 industry experts that represent Maersk, KPMG, Ripple, FedEx and more. Isn’t it a great chance to meet prominent speakers and learn from the best?

Sure, you don’t want to miss this event! Book the tickets right away at

  • #PAY Symposium & Exposition

When: August 20-21, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, the US


The innovative event called #PAY Symposium & Exposition is heading to Las Vegas. The conference will gather the representatives of the leading financial organizations and introduce new start-ups. Also, it will host an impressive exhibition, provide access to interactive workshops and discussions covering the hot topics of today – blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, AR&VR, AI/ML, IoT and others.

Additionally, there will be a networking session, where companies can interact with the greatest specialists in the sphere. As mentioned before, many startups will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to more than 2200 guests.

But the most attractive offer is for CEX.IO users. #PAY organizers are giving a special discount of 30% to our customers! Just enter CEXIO when booking a ticket, and get the lowest possible price

  • CoinAdvice Fintech & Blockchain

When: June 30-July 2, 2019

Where: Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is proud to host the most awaited Coinadvice Blockchain & Fintech Conference 2019!

Coinadvice, the conference organizer, is an expert in holding the events focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. They will gather both local and global speakers to provide you with solutions and ideas for your business development using blockchain.

The aim of the event is to boost the crypto ecosystem and help attendees gain fundamental knowledge of the concept. The conference will act as a platform for exchanging insights between influencers and individuals. So, you will have three days of discussion sessions covering the crypto economy, blockchain workshops, and interviews with conference speakers.

Moreover, the event is a wonderful opportunity to partner with the leading experts and representatives from the industry.

Buy tickets now, The amount is limited!

  • Risk Based Auditing MasterClass

When: June 5-6, 2019

Where: Vienna, Austria


Join the Risk-Based Auditing Masterclass from GLC in Vienna! At the event, you will learn about the recent improvements in the sphere of auditing and risk management through educational sessions and case studies. This Masterclass will be especially helpful for a financial manager, senior auditors, risk analysts and other related specialists.

The attendees will be provided with valuable advice on methods and ways of risk identifying, regulating and controlling. Moreover, the expert speaker will explain how to create an efficient audit strategy, plans and implement them into your organization’s flow.

So, make sure to check the details and enroll for the course

  • OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR Masterclass 4.0

When: June 3-4, 2019

Where: Vienna, Austria


OTC derivatives are no new phenomenon nowadays, but for some traders, they remain a complex concept that holds both great potential and risk. So, it’s vital for financial players to know the primary concepts of the market, intricacies of the trading process, and legal implications. The OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR Masterclass will be held to bring knowledge about this sector of financial services!

The workshop will be of both theoretical and practical value. It will reveal the fundamentals of derivative products, offer unique expert insights into the risks and challenges of derivative trading, and introduce new approaches to the process management. Exclusive materials will be prepared for the attendees to help them in their work.

Top it all, the event will be conducted by the prominent expert in finance, Micheal Simmons!

Join the Masterclass now at

  • CybSec and Blockchain Health

When: July 11-12, 2019

Where: London, the UK


Nowadays cybersecurity is what bothers companies across different industries. Cyber specialists work on numerous efficient solutions to mitigate the risk of data breaches and thefts. Blockchain is one such solution.

As the name suggests, Cybsec & Blockchain Health focuses on the use of decentralized technologies in the health sector. You will have a great chance to hear from the top executives of both blockchain and healthcare companies about new cybersecurity strategies, and learn about new blockchain initiatives in the industry.

At the conference, you will also be able to join the networking events and build contacts with the representatives of health service businesses.

Join the event to learn the hot cybersecurity news,

  • BizzPay 7.0 – European Corporate and Retail Payments Forum

When: June 13-14, 2019

Where: Barcelona, Spain


The upcoming payments forum is going to take experts from diverse industries to Barcelona. The conference will shed light on the benefits of instant payments and GPI services for both banks and customers. Also, the visitors will have a chance to hear about blockchain technology, and how it is transforming the way global payments are made.

The event includes interactive sessions, where you can discuss the industry issues, ask questions, and share ideas on the hottest trends in the payment sphere.

Additionally, there will be a good opportunity for networking, building useful contacts, and asking for expert advice.

For more information, visit the website and request the Agenda,

  • 5th Annual Credit Risk Management Forum

When: June 6-7, 2019

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Credit risk management is one of the key business processes, and at the same time, a major challenge for many companies. This is a central topic of the 5th Annual Forum. The speakers will spread the latest news on risk management trends, comment on upcoming regulations, and introduce actionable strategies. The visitors will be able to attend various panel discussions, showcases and experts debates.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to join networking sessions, where attendees will be sharing their insights and building contacts with the leading experts.

Ready to see this first-hand? Then follow the link and contact the organizers

  • Token Fest Tel Aviv

When: June 3-4, 2019

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel


The cryptocurrency market is gradually expanding as new promising tokens get into circulation. As of today, the industry boasts over 2,000 crypto coins, with each fighting its way to the top. Most of these tokens came into existence through ICOs. Despite its revolutionary nature, 80% of ICOs fail. So, is there any way for token crowdfunding to consolidate itself in the industry? Will we see the token-based economy prosper? And what obstacles should the crypto industry overcome to finally enjoy mass adoption?

The speakers of Token Fest have all the answers off pat. The event will gather over 150 experts, who have immense experience in the field and are ready to share a great deal of useful information with attendees. Blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, attorneys, all will participate in Token Fest to talk about the emerging trends of the decentralized economy. The event will also feature an exhibition and a networking session, so don’t hesitate – book tickets now

  • Blockchain Expo Europe 2019

When: June 19-20, 2019

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 is here to captivate you with a myriad of activities! It will be held in the form of both debates, and keynotes, and cover blockchain application scenarios within legal, finance, healthcare, and other spheres. You will learn about important tech trends, and initiatives of blockchain companies; listen to the speeches of top executives from IBM, Maersk, Santander, etc.; and participate in innovative exhibitions.

Also, there will be networking sessions where you can meet like-minded blockchain enthusiasts, representatives of the leading brands, and even find investors to scale your business. The conference is a perfect opportunity for startups to introduce their products/services to the public.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity; register here


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