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CEX.IO December 2021 Media Report

, January 14, 2022

Welcome to the December edition of CEX.IO’s monthly media report. 2021 was a capstone year for our company. Following the appointment of Will Evans as Managing Director, CEX.IO’s expansion in the U.S. market gained speed. The media paid attention, with considerable coverage generated following a December 1 press release announcing Evans’ hiring. 

Throughout the month, CEX.IO leadership worked to cement the foundation for a growing global presence in 2022 and beyond. And our thought leaders satisfied media interest with industry predictions and analyses. Several publications featured insights from Evans and CEX.IO’s CEO and Founder, Alexander Lutskevych.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the coverage we earned in December 2021.

GlobeNewswire: CEX.IO names Will Evans Managing Director in the U.S.

On December 1, CEX.IO issued a press release announcing the appointment of Will Evans as Managing Director, U.S. As a former executive for Kraken and CME Group, Evans’ 25-plus years in business development will help to accelerate CEX.IO’s expansion in the U.S. market. 

For Evans, CEX.IO’s trusted brand name in Europe, and commitment to compliance is an opportunity to help CEX.IO realize the same success in the U.S. Evans explained, “I also wanted to play an active role in the digitization of global financial markets by joining a firm known for its advanced technology and proactive approach to compliance. In volatile times, many other exchanges have failed to provide consistent operational support to their clients. CEX.IO has dedicated years to earning trust and demonstrating continuous reliability.”


Cointelegraph: Will Evans, U.S. Managing Director at CEX.IO, expresses cautious optimism on pending infrastructure bill

On December 3, Cointelegraph published a regulatory update on the status of the Biden administration’s Infrastructure bill. News of the problematic language targeting “crypto brokers” in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill reached a fever pitch in August 2021.

Despite the crypto industry’s united front to alter or excise the imprecise language from the bill, it was signed into law in November 2021. Will Evans, CEX.IO’s Managing Director in the U.S. told Cointelegraph, “There was a lot of initial concern over which crypto-related entities — miners, exchanges, open-source software devs, self-custody wallet developers, etc. — would be included in the ‘broker’ language.” 

While many believe the incoming laws will force miners out of the United States, Evans offered a cautious, optimistic take: “However, the [U.S.] Treasury [Department] followed up by saying the language only applies to those ‘who can comply,’ which excludes miners, hardware devs, and the like.”

Evans concluded: “While all entities in the cryptosphere aren’t out of the woods, the number originally thought to be impacted is seemingly mitigated.” CEO Alexander Lutskevych shares what CEX.IO has in store for 2022

On December 4,, an industry-focused news site and aggregator, published a piece on how crypto exchanges might evolve their offerings in 2022 and beyond. The report also touched on the integration of DeFi-based services, Web 3.0 compatible tokens and wallets, as well as the continued push for crypto compliance. 

Crypto News contacted CEX.IO CEO and Founder Alexander Lutskevych for thoughts on how the leading crypto exchange plans to expand its offering in the first half of 2022. With regards to what CEX.IO has in the pipeline, Lutskevych plans on seeing the CEX.IO Debit Card come to fruition. “For example, in 2022 we plan to roll out the CEX.IO Debit Card, which will further enable consumers to apply their crypto holdings to everyday purchases,” he said.

Lutskevych also provided an assessment for customers looking to stake PoS cryptos: “The rise of PoS cryptocurrencies comes with the potential to add new services and attract more customers, bringing solutions to the masses that are otherwise too technical and inaccessible for the average consumer. This dynamic will be a catalyst for growth moving into 2022.”


Traders Magazine: Outlook 2022 interview with Will Evans, CEX.IO

Traders Magazine, a digital news service that caters to institutional trading audiences in North America, featured an interview with Will Evans, CEX.IO Managing Director, U.S. The piece was published on December 21, as part of the publication’s annual Outlook 2022 op-ed.

In the piece, Evans identified the key themes for CEX.IO in 2021, expectations for 2022, and his take on trends in the crypto space. He believes interoperability will be a key driver moving the industry forward in 2022 and beyond. When asked about movements currently going unnoticed in crypto, Evans offered three big examples: the diaspora of executives and leaders moving from tech to crypto, the adoption of crypto by smaller countries, and the merging of DeFi and CeFi.


Traders Union: CEX.IO named “the best crypto exchange in Canada for beginners”

Reputable Forex market site Traders Union included CEX.IO in their definitive list of the 10 Best Crypto Exchanges in Canada 2021. Compiled by the experts at Traders Union, the article compares crypto exchanges based on criteria like Canadian regulatory compliance, fees, and coins listed.

Traders Union found CEX.IO’s robust crypto offering and low fees a big attraction for traders looking to join the platform. Beyond CEX.IO’s crypto compliance with Canadian regulators, Traders Union recognized CEX.IO for its standout service offerings to both retail and institutional traders. The article also found CEX.IO’s effective customer support, mobile and web-friendly platform, and acceptance of Canadian Dollars very appealing selling points for crypto beginners. 


London News Today: CEX.IO CEO and Founder Alexander Lutskevych on crypto enabling financial inclusion

On December 23, pioneering news platform London News Today published a report on crypto remittances and the relationship between adoption and volatility. On the question of whether cryptos help or hurt financial inclusion, CEX.IO CEO Alexander Lutskevych is quoted supporting the former. 

Using El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as an example, Lutskevych explained that crypto empowers developing countries by, “eliminating the traditional, centralized rails of remittances and promoting financial inclusion by reducing high remittance fees.”


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