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CEX.IO Platform Updates & Humanitarian Initiatives

, March 2, 2022

Updated: March 4, 2022

Dear CEX.IO users,

As a global company, the CEX.IO team has a presence in multiple countries. Ukraine is one of them. Since last week, we have been working around the clock to do what we can to help everyone affected by the war. 

To the Ukrainian people: Our hearts are with you. Without Ukraine, there would be no CEX.IO. We are taking actions to provide support to our colleagues, friends, family, and fellow people during this humanitarian crisis.

To show our solidarity with Ukraine, CEX.IO has deployed a series of initiatives, listed below. 

Ukrainian onboarding suspension has been lifted

First, as previously announced, we officially reinstated the onboarding process for Ukrainian residents. This means all prospective Ukrainian-based users may register accounts on CEX.IO. Upon verification, these new users will have access to all services on the CEX.IO platform.

If you tried to verify your account prior to this announcement, please re-verify to obtain access. Please be advised that onboarding may take longer than usual.

Free fiat withdrawals for Ukrainian residents 

Verified CEX.IO users who are Ukrainian residents can withdraw fiat for free. This applies to all fiat withdrawal methods. Withdrawals to UAH cards are converted into UAH by the bank.

Interest-free loans for Ukrainian users

CEX.IO users with address level verification can get an instant ZERO interest (0%) loan against their cryptocurrency. 

You can get an instant cash loan against your BTC, ETH, XML, LINK, LTC as collateral. Withdraw the loan for free to your payment card. Upon withdrawal, funds will be converted to UAH by the bank. 

Loan durations: 7 days, 1 month, 3 months
For more information, visit LOAN.CEX.IO.** 

**Note: In order to see the zero-interest loans, Ukrainian users need to be logged in when visiting the website**

Donating our validator commissions

As of February 28, 2022, and until further notice, all CEX.IO validator commissions gained from decentralized staking nodes will be donated to provide essential help to the people of Ukraine. All delegators will receive staking rewards as usual.  

CEX.IO will donate our validator commissions from the following nodes:

Other ways you can help:

CEX.IO has launched a humanitarian relief drive with the Red Cross. Verified users can access the drive by logging into the website, clicking the link, and donating fiat or cryptocurrency. 100% of the donations go to the Red Cross.

To participate, go to CEX.IO and follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your verified account
  2. Press the chat button in the lower-right corner  
  3. Choose to “Send us a message”
  4. Select “:flag-ua: Donate: Help people of Ukraine” 
  5. Pick the method most suitable for you: a direct donation to the Red Cross or a crypto donation.

NOTE: Beware of scams! ONLY donate directly to the Red Cross or to the [web/wallet] addresses published on the CEX.IO site. 

If any of these causes resonate with you, the above are ways you can help now. As the list expands, we will continue to update and share them with our communities on Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook.

We are watching closely as the situation continues to evolve. Thank you for your patience and continued support. 




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