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CEX.IO University is Live and Available to Learners of All Levels! Enroll in Our One-Stop Crypto Educational Hub for Free

, May 10, 2022

After months of development, CEX.IO is proud to announce the official launch of CEX.IO University. CEX.IO University is a one-stop educational hub for crypto learners of all levels. The platform is free and provides accessible, easy-to-understand content on topics and developments in the digital asset industry. 

CEX.IO University includes an industry-leading 1000+ term glossary designed to help crypto students understand everything from asset class fundamentals, to current trends, investing principles, and more. 

The value

Bitcoin is recognized as the best-performing asset of the decade thus far. Though bitcoin did not begin trading until 2010, its success is responsible for the birth of a new asset class and industry, with a market cap of over 2 trillion USD. Despite reaching such heights, cryptocurrency is still in the relatively early adoption phase. 

We’re here to empower the current and next generation of investors, traders, and active crypto users. CEX.IO University will educate readers on the fundamental forces that impact cryptocurrencies, the risks, and opportunities associated with investing in digital assets, applying technical and fundamental analysis, and more.

The inspiration

CEX.IO Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych, who earned his Ph.D. in Economic Sciences from Chernihiv Polytechnic National University in 2021, said, “One of the most exciting opportunities in the cryptocurrency space is its vast potential to transform lives – and CEX.IO University is a valuable tool for deliberately advancing knowledge. By improving their competence and practical understanding, our customers are more equipped to succeed in the dynamic digital assets industry, whatever goals they may pursue.”

Lutskevych continued, “I am a passionate proponent of continuous education. To be able to leverage the depth of knowledge and experience of the CEX.IO team, and provide it for free, is a dream come true.” 

The mission

Built with the belief that knowledge is the key to increasing global cryptocurrency adoption, CEX.IO University’s vision is to become a comprehensive educational platform that enables users to gain valuable information to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology. The offering includes a roadmap of different courses, filtered by difficulty level, and highlighting topics ranging from fundamentals within the crypto space, to overall trading and investing content.

The CEX.IO University curriculum will be regularly updated and modified to maintain relevance and practicality. Users can leverage the platforms’ comprehensive 1000+ term glossary as a guide to getting started, and more advanced crypto enthusiasts will also find invaluable resources for expanding their knowledge in trading, investing, and the technical aspects of digital assets.

The platform launch is a testament to CEX.IO’s comprehensive, sustained market expansion. The company was recently listed as one of the Top 10 Safest Cryptocurrency Exchanges by CryptoCompare and was recognized by Forbes as a Top 20 Best Global Crypto Exchange. 

To get started on your new or continuing crypto education with CEX.IO University, please click HERE.*

*By accessing CEX.IO University you agree to the CEX.IO University’s Terms of Use


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