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Blockchain Conferences Digest: March 2018

, December 7, 2017

The conversations about cryptocurrencies don’t stop for a single moment, and there is always something new to learn about the blockchain technology. Here, we offer you the information about the most expected and most interesting events so that you could be the first to participate.

1. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Turkey

When: March 1, 2018

Where: Turkey, Istanbul


The spring is coming, and so is the series of events organized by Smile Expo. This time, the leading bitcoin-and-blockchain related conference lands in Istanbul, Turkey. What’s new with this one?

The Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Turkey brings together the world-known pros, whose speeches will cover innovations in the most trending spheres nowadays – Blockchain, FinTech and ICO. The speakers will particularly focus on legislative regulations, government strategies, best investment practices and technical solutions for businesses. The event will also be of much use for miners, as it will host an exhibition of the latest mining equipment and disruptive software.

Meet new industry leaders and key news of the conference here

2. Blockchain Summit Moscow

When: 1 March 2018

Where: Moscow


Decentralization is becoming an integral part of the innovative future that is soon to come and Blockchain technology acts as a driving force for it. With the advent of Bitcoin and Blockchain, the community shifted to fundamentally different concepts of money, asset management and data security. What makes Blockchain so revolutionary?

The speakers at the International Blockchain Summit Moscow certainly know the answer and are going to share their expertise with the conference visitors. The summit will be held in two streams and focus on the following topics: Blockchain trends, cryptocurrency adoption and regulation, ICO specifics, and many more. Everyone interested is also invited to attend an exhibition, where many innovative companies and projects will be presented.

Book your ticket and join in the major Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event!

3. 5th Annual European Payments Forum

When: 01-02 March 2018

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Technological developments are inevitably impacting all economic fields and sectors. This even leads to the uprise of new industries like FinTech, for example, which aims at transforming traditional financial services and the entire business sector.

5th Annual European Payments Forum is going to reveal the effects and challenges to the banking system amid recent FinTech revolution. The speakers will also debate about Blockchain technology and the Internet of things and delve into the success and failures of Bitcoin investing. The event attendees are offered to jump into the discussion about Banks’ Security First Aid to learn how to mitigate the risk of hacker attacks and join the Regulatory Roller-Coaster to look into the banking regulations.

Take a chance to attend the 5th Annual European Payments Forum by registering on the official page

4. Asia Blockchain Expo

When: March 1-2, 2018

Where: Davao City, Philippines


Asian market plays a vital role in the rise of cryptocurrency and is one of the biggest by trade volume. However, the impact of Asia on the industry is not limited to the use of cryptocurrency only. Asia is a key player in developing Blockchain solutions. Asia Blockchain Expo is a must-visited event for all Blockchain enthusiasts, investors, traders, and everyone interested in the industry. Why? The leading international advisors and experts will act as keynote speakers of the conference. They will share their long-accumulated knowledge in cryptocurrency trading and mining, Blockchain-based solutions development, as well as blockchain&cryptocurrency regulations.


5. 2nd Annual Fintech Week Tel Aviv

When: March 5th – 7th, 2018

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel


FinTech is a relatively new phenomenon that reshapes the world economy in general and the financial services sector in particular. The FinTech industry is characterized by shifting to a technology-driven financial environment, which makes traditional services more accessible and adaptable to market changes. The top trends in FinTech that have had a profound effect on the development of the industry are blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

2nd Annual Fintech Week Tel Aviv is the event that covers a number of sector-specific conferences and an exhibition, bringing back the FinTech celebration to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and RISE. In the space of the week, all visitors are welcome to attend networking events and get connected with opinion allies and FinTech gurus.

A lot is happening in FinTech at the moment, don’t miss your chance to get involved with

6. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand

What does the future hold for cryptocurrency? Is it still a good investment? How blockchain can help my business? Practically every modern entrepreneur or investor is asking these questions now.

The international speakers at Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Thailand will cover all these issues and even more. The event will comprise two activity areas as usual – conference hall and exhibition spot. The conference program includes a number of expert talks on the topics related to Bitcoin and Altcoin trading, investment and ICOs, blockchain and cryptocurrency compliance, use of decentralized ledger systems in business – to name a few. The exhibition area features the latest products and solutions developed by the key brands in the industry.

Stay tuned to recent news on the official website.

7. Blockchain Summit Zurich

When: March 7, 2018

Where: Blockchain Summit Zurich


Blockchain technology has many real-world applications already. It penetrated deeply into financial industry and extends to real estate, healthcare, electronic voting, and many more. The blockchain is widely implemented by businesses and governments because of innovative solutions it provides.

Blockchain Summit Zurich will help you to learn about every particular application of Blockchain in multiple industry sectors, the latest tendencies in the sphere and its future prospects. The event will encompass a multi-speaker conference, expert tutorials, and interactive discussions as well as an innovation-focused exhibition.

Subscribe to updates and start building innovative future with Blockchain Summit Zurich at

8. MoneyLIVE: Retail Banking Europe

This year Summit will feature 2 main conferences going parallel – MoneyLIVE: Retail Banking Europe and MoneyLIVE: Cards & Payments.

A disruptive assembly of financial and FinTech experts and in-demand speakers will meet more than 300 participants to share ideas and discuss cases. Representatives of the top-ranked retail banks and innovative businesses, senior positions in payment sector, thought leaders in the industry from all over Europe will communicate on open banking, artificial intelligence, neobank ecosystem, authentication, payments of all kinds, and more.

Attend the Summit and get valuable updates on the current industry trends and strategies

9. Middle East Blockchain & Fintech Conference

Visit Jordan – the Middle East Blockchain and Fintech busiest hub!

Best speakers on Blockchain technology, Big Data, Fintech, Forex and Trading Regulations will provide key-notes in the range of working panels. The conference agenda will also include the B2B brokerage event, where more than 100 stockbrokers will gather to facilitate business matchmaking and professional networking between lead market players and software experts.

The Forex 2018 Expo will be also held within the conference framework. The cherry on top will be the award ceremony JFEX AWARD 2018 recognizing the Forex trading industry flagships with prestigious accolade.

Reserve your seat here

10. Money20/20 Asia

When: March 13-15, 2017

Where: Singapore


The modern concept of money is closely related to novel technology and solutions. The emergent FinTech market, bringing cryptocurrency and blockchain into play, is a good case in point. Making innovation a part of the payments and financial services industry is integral to shaping the future of money.

Money20/20 acts as a platform for innovators, disruptors, and decision-makers to learn, network and form partnerships with each other. This event is a great opportunity for everyone interested in the future of finances to gain insight into a new potential of money, hear about the latest disruptions in the payment industry and build beneficial cooperation relationships.

Buy a ticket and join the world’s acknowledged financial innovation event

11. Token Fest

Tokenization has had a great impact on the modern business and the crypto industry overall. Cryptocurrency is no longer about Bitcoin and Ethereum. Every day the digital currency marketplace is filled up with new tokens, which provide keen competition to the leaders.

What does it take to launch a new digital token? What are the best token concepts? And how to effectively raise investment for your token?

These are only some of the questions to be answered at Token Fest on March 15-16, 2018. Token Fest is a unique networking event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and key decision makers to discuss the future of tokenization and foster industry collaboration.

Take a chance to register for the event and buy a ticket on the official page.

12. Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)

Dubai has already become a leading hub for technology and innovation. This time it will be a venue for the biggest Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit, welcoming over 1000 international delegates. Why attend?

The event is a unique meeting ground for Blockchain advisors, strategists and enthusiasts ready to share their experience and give valuable advice on emergent technologies. The Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit is case-specific, which means that the speakers are to present working Blockchain products and upcoming projects that can drive economic sectors globally. An event is a perfect place building fruitful partnerships and opening up new business opportunities.

The tickets are almost sold out, contact the organizers for more details here

13. TOKEN 2049

Every day the cryptocurrency market is enriched by newly issued tokens that boast of extended functionality and wide applicability. At TOKEN2049 each attendee will explore how far the cryptocurrency ecosystem can go and meet the hottest projects that worth particular attention.

What is TOKEN2049? It is the largest event focused on the digital asset ecosystem taking place in Asia. TOKEN2049 will be attended by the industry influencers, opinion leaders and hundreds of cryptocurrency believers. You will look into the key challenges facing the token issuers today, examine opportunities of the token economy, and discover best investment practices from the industry leaders.

Find out how the digital asset economy will transform the future of business and finances

14. EXEC Berlin 2018

When: March 21-22, 2018

Where: Berlin, Germany


The most valuable information that an attendee gets at any conference is based on practical experience. EXECfintech 2018 is all about practical knowledge and advice.

The event will feature a number of workshops, case studies, and masterclasses held by undisputable leaders in the industry. EXECfintech will help you dive into the trends and newest technologies awaiting the FinTech industry by engaging in focused discussions, meeting the top startups and corporate executives, as well as participating in the intense learning and gaining relevant advice from professional speakers.

If you are eager to know about the latest innovation in financial services, register for the event

15. CryptoWorld: Wall Street and The Internet Of Money

When: March 22, 2018

Where: New York, USA


The crypto asset and investment conference will bring together top-tier Blockchain, Fintech and finance industry experts as well as Bitcoin exchanges and regulatory authorities to speak up, talk over and network.

Hot topics to discuss include digital currencies from Bitcoin to altcoins, crypto trading and fundraising, Blockchain technology trends, and possible regulations. The event expects attendance of the high profile financial speakers passionate about cryptocurrency and technology behind it, and willing to promote innovation from the Wall Street perspective.

Book your seat not to miss the grand-scale educational and networking event related to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

16. BlockchainUA

When: March 23, 2018

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine


Blockchain is being popularized as an all-new disruptive technology that is able to radically change the way economy works. There’s hardly anyone who has never run into this technical term in the media. But despite being a popular buzzword nowadays, many people still don’t get the concept of Blockchain and how this technology can improve their lives.

BlockchainUA is an educational and networking event aiming at promoting the idea of Blockchain, building a strong community and raising public awareness of innovative technology at an international level. Key executives and senior managers of the world-renowned brands will speak about the prospects of Blockchain and share their view on its current state.

BlockchainUA is expected to reach a wide audience of developers, technology experts, investors, regulators, entrepreneurs and others. If you are eager to be among them, book your ticket here

17. The CryptoCon

When: March 23, 2018

Where: Mumbai, India


Have you ever wondered where the biggest cryptocurrency players gather? They gather at the Crypto Con Asia!

The Crypto Con cooperates closely with the numerous cryptocurrency companies across the globe and aims at putting them all together at Asia’s biggest crypto-related event on March 23. The conference is expected to gather the experts from a number of countries that keep the lead in the development of cryptocurrency ecosystem. You will have a chance to meet the representatives of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, foundations, alliances and talk to the core developers of top crypto coins.

Ready to meet the industry professionals? Register at the official website and get your tickets

18. Blockchainua-Hackathon

When: March 24-25, 2018

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine


BlockchainUA goes ahead and arranges an all-Ukrainian Blockchain Hackathon as a part of their educational initiative. What is this Hackathon about?

Blockchain Hackathon is a forum for inventors, engineers, programmers and everyone concerned with software development. The participants will be segregated into several groups to work on a shared project under the mentorship of key Blockchain experts. The ultimate goal is to create a working prototype of a blockchain-based solution that has a potential to become a new sensation in the industry.

If you are creative, innovative and forward-thinking, this event is all-good for you. Register now, the seats are limited

19. North American Digital Commodities Summit

When: March 26, 2018

Where: New York, USA


Meet top blockchain speakers and thought leaders and find out all benefits of using blockchain technology while trading in energy and commodities markets.

At Platts North American Digital Commodities Summit you will have a chance to get expert opinions about a possible settlement, cybercrime and other types of risks for trading in the industry; find out if conventional commodity exchanges and Digital Ledger Technology are compatible and embrace the range of blockchain initiatives for the oil and energy industry.

Can’t wait to get valuable industry updates and useful professional connections, register at

20. Blockchain Venture Summit

When: March 28, 2018

Where: Istanbul, Turkey


The outstanding global summit will host more than one thousand participants – corporate founders, investors, industry experts, and entrepreneurs from more than one hundred companies all over the world.

Key speakers from Europe and the Middle East will present real corporate cases to share valuable business insights and workable industry strategies. The event will provide an effective networking platform for corporate officials and investors, as well as Blockchain start-ups and promising ICOs seeking business partnerships and investor support.

Check the official website for more details

21. Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Kiev

When: March 29, 2018

Where: Kiev, Ukraine


The largest exhibition and conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is now on its way to Ukraine. The event is to gather investors, entrepreneurs, developers and industry leaders to raise the topic that appeals to any crypto enthusiast – How blockchain and cryptocurrency can be applied in business? Which legislative measures are to be taken? How to invest in ICOs?

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev will act as a networking platform for over 2000 participants from all over the world. The conference will be divided into several sections, covering finance, development and ICO. The exhibition will introduce more than 50 brands, representing cryptocurrency exchanges, trading platforms, mining equipment producers and development companies.

Get the full conference program and register on the official website


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