$3,000 in Kava Tokens up for Grabs

, April 22, 2022

If you missed the news about the recent additions to our staking product, we’ll gladly remind you! 

Starting this month, you can stake AVAX, KSM, and KAVA on CEX.IO. The best part? By staking KAVA, you can earn up to 23% annual in staking rewards! 

We’re celebrating this news with a festival of staking promotions. The first one was AVAX, and now we’re launching a $3,000 KAVA staking promo! 

Participate in KAVA staking, earn rewards, and a chance to win up to $500 KAVA.

Here is how you can win free KAVA tokens:

Step 1: Simply buy or deposit 20 KAVA tokens to your CEX.IO Wallet from April 26 – May 10.

Step 2: Hold the KAVA tokens in your CEX.IO account until May 10 to participate in automatic staking, and be eligible for prizes.

Step 3: Win free KAVA tokens!

Is there anything else you can do with staked tokens? Well, yes!

CEX.IO Staking service offers excellent flexibility. It allows you to trade your KAVA tokens, or withdraw them all while participating in the KAVA staking promo. 

But remember, only those who buy or deposit at least 20 KAVA and HODL until May 10 will be eligible for the KAVA staking promo prizes. 

What’s more: you can increase the value of your prizes. We’ll give 5x$100 prizes at random to people who retweet our post about this promo. 

When will prizes be distributed?

Staking rewards will be distributed at the end of the staking period.

The winners of the KAVA staking promo will be announced by May 21, and the KAVA bonuses will be credited to their accounts within 14 business days after the announcement.

To earn more staking rewards, stake more KAVA tokens for a longer period.

How KAVA tokens will be distributed

We’ll take a snapshot of account balances at the start of promo on April 26, at 00:00 UTC. We’ll also take a second snapshot on the last day of the promo — May 10 at 00:00 UTC. Users who deposited or bought at least 20 KAVA tokens throughout the contest period will be automatically eligible for the promo.  

Prizes will be distributed based on the amount of KAVA balance and the period of time participants had it in their accounts. 

  • The top winner – $500 KAVA – for the winner with the biggest amount of KAVA on their balance held during the promo
  • Top two winners – $250 KAVA
  • Top five winners – $100 KAVA
  • Top 20 winners – $50 KAVA 

Random 5x$100 prizes will go to people who retweet our post about this promo. 


The terms of the promo

1. The KAVA Staking promo will run from April 26, 00:00 UTC, to May 10, 00:00 UTC. 

2. Only customers who deposit or buy at least 20 KAVA after April 26, and keep them on account during the balance snapshot (May 10, at 00:00 UTC), will automatically qualify for promo prizes. 

3. Promo winners will be announced by May 21 on our social media channels.

4. Eligible participants will receive their KAVA token prizes within 14 business days after winners have been announced.

5. CEX.IO retains the right to disqualify accounts that are found to be illegally bulk registered and/or verified.

6. CEX.IO also reserves the right to disqualify any participant without explanation. 

7. CEX.IO reserves the right to choose markets and jurisdictions for launching special offers/activities/services, and may restrict their availability in certain countries or regions.

8. We are launching this promo to residents in countries where CEX.IO operates (see list of unsupported countries here) with the exception of: the UK, Canada and Gibraltar, Germany, Netherlands, China, UAE, Austria, Chile, Kenya.


089*The dates, terms & conditions of this promotion may change at CEX.IO’s discretion without announcement.




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