Exchange Plus Leaderboard Competition: Quarterly Overview

, November 20, 2023

November 14, 2023 marked the first three months of our exciting Exchange Plus* Leaderboard Competition. We’re thrilled to share with you a brief overview of the most interesting details, participants, and awards from this contest.

Additionally, we conducted interviews with two of the top competition participants, who were kind enough to share feedback on their experience so far. 


Airdropkseni has been part of the CEX.IO community for approximately two years, and learned about the Leaderboard from our Twitter post

When asked how their trading has changed since joining the Exchange Plus Leaderboard Competition, Airdropkseni replied, “I remembered cryptocurrencies I had not seen for a long time.” 

And when asked to shine light on their trading strategy, this user recalled “taking the articles on the CEX.IO blog page into consideration,” but also “paying attention to parity/number of transactions, and volume.” 

Last but not least, we were thrilled to learn that Airdropkseni sees “accessibility and simplicity as the most useful aspects of Exchange Plus and CEX.IO.” 

We are proud and honored to have such an experienced crypto enthusiast as a valued member of our global community!


Another user and winner, Elon, was kind enough to share feedback on their experience with this contest, and the broader CEX.IO ecosystem.

Although a valued member of our community for nearly eight months, they revealed, “I try to do all my transactions here,” when replying to how their trading has changed since joining the Leaderboard.

Thanks to day trading as their strategy of choice, and despite spending “only 30-40 minutes on trading each day,” this user is one of the more successful participants in this endurance competition.

Also, the “CEX.IO Plus interface” is the most useful feature of Exchange Plus and CEX.IO, according to Elon. 

Just goes to show how a little effort can potentially go a long way with a trusted guide, straightforward navigation, and a mission to reward the community! 

Interesting facts about the CEX.IO Exchange Plus Leaderboard Competition

As we’re three months into this exciting contest, we wanted to share some noteworthy milestones achieved with the help of our awesome community:

  • 2893 — the total number of CEX.IO users who opted in to participate in the contest
  • 305 — the total number of active participants with more than 0 points
  • 139 — the number of active participants during the last month (October 2023)
  • 92 — the number of active participants last week
  • $3.5 million — the total trading volume of all participants since the start of the event
  • 175 — the total number of prizes distributed in the competition to date
  • $11,000 — the approximate total amount of prizes awarded and distributed to date

Now, we imagine what you may be thinking: “that’s all fine and well, but what does it mean for me?”

That’s an excellent question! We’ll showcase potential opportunities for those of you who have yet to put on their trading shoes in the same manner:

  • Although the total number of active participants (305) is not small by any criteria, there’s still plenty of room for those who want a chance to win cool prizes
  • 139 participants have won 15 prizes during the last month. Congratulations to them, but simultaneously, this means there are more chances to claim valuable rewards
  • A $3.5 million trading volume is impressive, and goes to show users don’t need to trade jaw-dropping amounts to win
  • With 175 distributed prizes, more than 50% of active participants receive a reward thanks to participating in the Leaderboard Competition

Ongoing CEX.IO Exchange Plus improvements

In line with our ongoing mission of meeting and exceeding the needs of our community, we’ve also been making improvements to the user experience of our award-winning Exchange Plus platform. 

Some of the latest updates include: 

We invite you to hone your trading skills by exploring the potential of CEX.IO Exchange Plus, and, perhaps, earn cool rewards in the Leaderboard Competition

More power. Faster access. In one place. 

Shall we? 

Exchange Plus is currently not available in the U.S. Check the list of supported jurisdictions here.

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