As we are constantly trying to provide the service of high quality to all our users, we have some great news to share with you. Since March 23, 2018, the users from Arizona and Michigan states can now pass verification on CEX.IO. We know that many our users have been waiting for such an opportunity.

What It Means?

The fact that users from Michigan and Arizona can now pass verification means that they will be able to use the whole functionality of CEX.IO. For example, verified American users can add a card to their account and later use it for fast fiat deposits and cryptocurrency purchases. At the same time, such customers can also withdraw their funds in fiat to the cards issued outside the USA.

How I Verify My Account?

Please note that the mentioned opportunities are available only for the users who have passed verification procedure for their accounts. So, if your account is still not verified, please do these steps:

  1. Visit the Verification section in your account;
  1. Provide all the necessary information about yourself (your ID data, personal information, addresses);
  2. Upload the required photos and document scans.

*You can find a detailed guide on Identity Verification on our Help Centre.

Why Should I Verify My Identity?

Identity verification is a standard procedure required by CEX.IO Terms of Use and KYC/AML policies. It is important for us to know who you are. So, we can ensure that both you and we are acting within the legal framework. Also, as we are taking a middle position between the traditional finance market and cryptocurrency market, we should comply with the rules and requirements for both spheres. So, verification is necessary for us to stay compliant with the regulations in your states.

Soon, verification will become an obligatory requirement for users who want to use CEX.IO in full. Currently, verifying your identity on CEX.IO will allow you to take benefit of more opportunities offered by the platform, including fiat depositing options.

We hope that this news will allow users from the mentioned states get more from their experience on CEX.IO.