We’ve recently neutralized market spoofing attempts on CEX.IO. An internal investigation has been initiated in accordance with corporate procedures. A self-regulated crypto exchange, CEX.IO Ltd is a UK-based company operating in full accordance with British law.

Over its five-year history, the CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange has proved its high standards of security for customer funds, efficient anti-fraud procedures, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. In addition to PCI DSS certification and MSB status with FinCEN, in December 2018, CEX.IO underwent an independent BSA/AML audit, including the evaluation of internal policies and procedures. In February 2019, CEX.IO reported a 30% decrease in fraud as a result of its upgraded KYC procedure.

What is market spoofing?

Market spoofing is a manipulative strategy when a fraudulent trader places fake limit orders to confuse other traders, who build their price perception in response. Later, the initial order is removed by the fraudulent trader before it’s executed. As a result, other traders lose their perceived profit.