As we are constantly striving to simplify the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, we have decided to enable instant buying and selling of Bitcoin Cash. In 2016, we have introduced the opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum in several clicks only. Since then, we have noticed the high popularity of this option among our customers. Now, you will also gain a chance to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash instantly.

Buy and Sell BCH with Fill-or-Kill Orders

Recently, we have added an opportunity to buy BCH for USD and EUR in the form of the bundles. They are the ready-made packs of cryptocurrency based on the principles of Fill-or-Kill orders. Such orders are executed instantly and in full or are not executed at all. This procedure guarantees that CEX.IO users will receive not less than the amount of cryptocurrency for the agreed price.

How Does It Function?


When the user visits the Buy/Sell page the following happens:

1) CEX.IO calculates the price of the purchase and freezes it for 2 minutes (120 seconds).

2) You are able to make an order. Before that, please, make sure that you have sufficient funds available on your balance.

3) You choose whether you would like to sell or buy cryptocurrency and press the respective button.

4) You specify the currencies and the amount you want to buy. Besides already offered packs, you can also input custom amount.

5) When you make an order, the system checks whether completing it is possible under current conditions. Here, two variants are possible:

  • NO. In this case, you will be informed about the situation.
  • YES. The order will be matched to the ones available on the market and completed.

We hope that this opportunity will simplify the experience with CEX.IO even more and help to gain more benefits from the platform.