We are doing everything possible to provide you with more advantageous conditions that will benefit you in your trading activities.

Lower Fees for BTC Withdrawals

As the Bitcoin blockchain has recently faced the decrease of commissions for transactions confirmation, we are happy to introduce lower withdrawal fees for Bitcoin withdrawals. Since March 14, BTC withdrawals will be completed with the fee of 0.0005 BTC.

Changed Fees and Limits for Crypto Capital

We are also ready to announce the new fee for Crypto Capital USD withdrawals. Since mid-March, it is 1%. Additionally, users with Verified and Verified Plus account types will take advantage of new minimum withdrawal limits. It will be only 100 USD, EUR, or GBP. The maximum for such withdrawals will be unlimited. Please find the information on limits in the following table:

Verified $/€/£ 100 unlimited
Verified Plus $/€/£ 100 unlimited
Corporate $/€/£ 10,000 unlimited

We believe this fee decrease and limits change will become a valuable addition to customers’ experience on CEX.IO.

Lower Limits for SEPA Withdrawals in EUR

Another pleasant piece of news we would like to share with you is that SEPA withdrawal limits and commission have been lowered. SEPA payment tool is a convenient, fast, and reliable option for users from most European countries as it allows the customers to receive large amounts of their funds on their bank accounts faster as compared to other payment methods. So, if you have your funds in Euro, we highly recommend you to take advantage of the mentioned tool.

Since March 14, the fee charged for Euro withdrawals with SEPA is only €1. In the table below, you can find current limits on SEPA withdrawals:

Verified €100 €300,000
Verified Plus €100 unlimited
Corporate € 10,000 unlimited

We encourage you to use this simple, fast, and reliable payment option. Still, please note that SEPA withdrawals are available only for Europe and the users with Verified account type.

If you still need to pass verification, please go to the Verification section of your profile, input the required information and upload the necessary documents of high quality. You can refer to our Identity Verification for detailed instructions.

We sincerely believe that the introduced changes will make your use of CEX.IO even more beneficial.