CEX.IO Users to Get BCH SV
Nov 23, 2018

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Now that the BCH hard fork has split the network into two chains, BCH ABC and BCH SV, we’d like to inform you that we’re currently working on providing users with BCH SV in the amount of their BCH balance immediately before the fork. Soon, you’ll get this new coin in your account and will be able to withdraw it from CEX.IO.

What’s up with Bitcoin Cash?

The BCH fork has successfully happened. Here are some important points to consider after the fork:

  • The BCH listed on CEX.IO is the BCH ABC chain.
  • After we re-enable BCH transactions, you’ll be able to deposit from the BCH ABC network. If you’ve already initiated a deposit from the BCH ABC network to CEX.IO, it will be completed once deposits are re-enabled.
  • CEX.IO won’t support deposits from the BCH SV chain, so if you initiate one, it won’t be processed and your money will be lost.
  • BCH SV (BCHSV) coins will be credited to your account if you had some BCH on your balance immediately before the fork (15 November at 16:40 UTC). We’ve recorded your balances, so you’ll get the new coin if you’re eligible.

What about BCH SV?

Currently, we’re working on sending the appropriate amount of BCHSV to users’ accounts. We’re doing our best to ensure that the whole process is smooth and that all coins are delivered correctly. It may take a while until you see BCHSV on your balance, but we’ll credit the coins as soon as possible. We’ll inform you when the coin is on your balance.

Please note that we won’t add BCHSV trading pairs or accept deposits in this coin. You’ll only be able to withdraw it.

As for BCH deposits and withdrawals, we’ll reopen them as soon as we ensure that the blockchain and wallets are stable and that your funds are completely secure.

Stay tuned for the latest news.