🏃‍♂️Moving is living. To create the best crypto trading conditions for all our customers, we’re always improving the trading environment on CEX.IO. Recently, we changed the precision and minimum order size for certain pairs, which is a win-win for all market participants. This improvement allows us to avoid a meaningless load on the platform due to numerous orders for close-to-zero amounts and serves to protect the market. We’ve been extremely glad to hear your positive feedback on this update!

Now we’re entering the next stage of enhancements in currency pair settings. This time we had big players in mind who are used to working with crypto in bulk. We thought We shouldn’t be the ones to set a ceiling for your orders! Here’s what we improved.


🙌 Play for high stakes with comfort


From now on, you can place orders with unlimited maximum size. Put simply, the maximum order amount on CEX.IO no longer exists! Therefore, if you’re a trader or a crypto investor who wants to buy, say, 300 BTC, now there’s no need to place several orders. You can do it in just one operation, which is more time-efficient, straightforward, and comfortable.

This feature will come in handy for institutional investors, large traders, market makers. In other words, anyone who’s working with considerable amounts of assets.


💼 Are you a big player? See what else we offer!


Apart from introducing unlimited order amounts, we’d like to remind you about several other benefits we offer institutional traders and market makers:

  1. Reduced maker fees. Depending on your 30-day trade volume for all pairs, you can lower your trading fee down to 0%.
  2. A verification system that meets the needs of various customer groups. For large players, we recommend upgrading to the Enhanced or Corporate verification levels. Thus, you can enjoy unlimited daily deposits and withdrawals, get personal priority support, and apply for custom trading conditions.
  3. CFD-based margin trading platform for digital assets, CEX.IO Broker. This platform is popular among institutional customers who like to scale up their strategies. Once you register, you can quickly move your money between your CEX.IO and CEX.IO Broker accounts free of charge.
  4. Our aggregated liquidity access solution, CEX.IO Aggregator, is designed for institutional traders and enterprise customers. CEX.IO Aggregator executes cryptocurrency orders on the best terms for clients. It connects to multiple liquidity providers and fills orders at the optimal price and in the shortest time. So, if your trading software is based on the FIX protocol and you are interested in more liquidity please contact us at aggregator@cex.io


CEX.IO is more than just an exchange — it’s an ecosystem of products that are interrelated and serve the needs of different crypto market participants. We’re constantly developing new services and features for customers who bring liquidity to our markets.

Today, we invite you to take advantage of our existing tools and check out the unlimited maximum order size update. More improvements are coming soon, so stay tuned!