In a lot of jurisdictions, driving while speaking on your mobile phone could land you in a lot of trouble. Thanks to a new product called the Quad Lock smart phone mount you can now integrate your smart phone around your lifestyle whether you are driving, cycling, running or even just taking selfies with your friends. The smart phone mount has been produced by Annex Products Pty Ltd, a company based in Melbourne, Australia.

As mentioned earlier, when engaged in cycling or even driving, it is critical that your hands remain fixed firmly on the handle or steering wheel. Quad Lock enables you do that with ease. For example if you are driving in an unfamiliar neighborhood, it would be possible to mount the smart phone on the dashboard using the Quad Lock and turn on a navigational app to help you get around.

You can also use the Quad Lock while running. The gadget can be mounted on your wrist and be used to monitor your heart rate as you exercise.

The idea is born

The idea came to the Quad developer Chris Peters at the time he had just moved to Sydney, Australia. He needed to get his way around the city, and he found that the available products for mounting his iPhone to his bike while looking up a map of the city too unwieldy to use. This led him to want to create his own.

The idea goes to market

He brought it to market through crowdfunding on Kickstarter in late 2011. Hundreds of thousands of Quad Lock products have been shipped to over 4,000 cities in 100 countries around the world. The Quad Lock product features a patent-pending, dual stage locking mechanism that secures the phone to the mount. This has helped a number of Quad Lock customers who have survived terrible cycling accidents with their phones intact.

As a result of this success with the bicycle mount, the Quad Lock has been adapted for a range of other applications including a car version, sports armband, wall mount, belt clip and a tripod adaptor.

The company has had great reviews around the world, being featured in magazines as Single Tracks, Bike Hugger, Cykelstart in Denmark and BNA in Australia.

Quad Lock accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment. According to a paper released by the Bitcoin Association of Australia (BAA), there are an estimated 40,000 users of Bitcoin down under. The paper quotes Bitscan which reported a 480% growth in the acceptance of Bitcoin by Australian merchants. Currently, there are just under 200 merchants that accept Bitcoin in Australia, however this is expected to rise as Bitcoin catches on.

Legislation in Australia

Like in many other places, Australia is still yet to enact legislation specific to Bitcoin. However current laws provide the widest possible interpretation of money for taxation purposes, for example under the provisions of the GST Act. The view of the BAA is that Bitcoin would fall under the provisions of this act since it defines money as whatever is supplied inter alia to credit or debit an account. A Bitcoin wallet is an account, and any Bitcoin transaction will involve the crediting and debiting of the account.

The BAA hopes to see regulations that will relieve the tax compliance burden for Bitcoin users in Australia, something that the currency’s users globally also look forward to seeing in their respective jurisdictions.