CEX.IO was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to offer a credit card payment option. Since then, our team has been working hard to make instant deposits cheaper and more convenient.

Now we’re glad to announce that commission for deposits to CEX.IO with Mastercard and Visa cards has been lowered. As of September 3, 2018, the commission for USD, EUR, and GBP deposits to CEX.IO is decreasing from 3.5% to only 2.99%. As of today, you’ll be able to send your money to CEX.IO at the same speed and pay less for it.

Killer feature: Card deposits on CEX.IO

CEX.IO users often prefer card deposits to other deposit options. Card deposits have reached a record of over $180 million in a month on CEX.IO and are actually the most popular way to fund accounts.

Considering feedback from our clients about the quality and convenience of card payments, we’ve put much effort into negotiating better conditions for this payment option. This is necessary as the commission for card payments is charged by our payment provider and not by CEX.IO.

The reduced commission will make card deposits to CEX.IO even more convenient. We sincerely hope that you’ll use this payment option for your benefit.

Advantages of card deposits to CEX.IO

Here are several factors that make depositing funds to your CEX.IO account with your card such an attractive option.

  • Deposits by card are almost instant, and you can use them for crypto purchases shortly after depositing.
  • We ensure high platform security, so you can always be sure that your funds will reach your account. CEX.IO is fully compliant with GDPR provisions.
  • We have an SSL certificate on the website and use strong data encryption to protect your payment information.
  • We comply with PCI DSS version 3.2 requirements, allowing us to process card payments.
  • Depositing to CEX.IO is as easy and fast as making any online purchase. Anyone with a card can do it.

CEX.IO stands out from the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges due to its outstanding service and high level of platform convenience. With reduced commission, buying crypto on the CEX.IO platform has gotten even more affordable. Deposit to CEX.IO and take advantage of the lowered fee.