Announcing Creativity Awards at CEX.IO! Your creativity wanted!

, November 7, 2019

On November 1st, CEX.IO turned SIX-years-old! In the cryptocurrency industry, the age of a company is somewhat similar to a cat year, where one cat year goes for at least seven human years! With many industry players coming and going in a matter of months, our market tenure is something that keeps reminding us how far we’ve come!

If we could put the dollar value of transactions we’ve processed for our clients over these years in a single dollar stack, it would have definitely reached somewhere far, maybe beyond the moon! Or if all the people we had pleasure serving over these years made a line holding hands, the chain would have been thousands of kilometers long! If we could print a picture of every user we wanted to nominate for a Customer of the Year, our walls would be covered with faces of amazing human beings from every corner of the world! With all that, we cannot help but feel festive!

And a festive mood requires a proper celebration! Enter Creativity Awards at CEX.IO! Celebrate CEX.IO with us and get rewarded for your creativity!

🏆Creativity Awards at CEX.IO

We are launching an open contest where creative minds and spirits will receive Bitcoin-denominated prizes for their work. Starting today, we will accept creative submissions, and this post outlines the rules for participation. In the nutshell, they are simple: submit your original work, let others know that you participate in (any of) your social media, and be a member of our Telegram group. More details below!

If you have some creativity – loosely defined (😉) as everything from writing articles to making memes – participate!

🏆What creativity are we looking for?  

The original content, centered around CEX.IO and meeting the quality requirements, is what we want to see in your submission. It can be about our brand, our company, or what we do for you – CEX.IO is the focus of this content. What form and shape your creativity takes – is entirely up to you!

Content types (including but not limited to!):

⭐️Infographics: If you are an infographic type of person, make an awesome visual! For example, we would love to see an infographic about CEX.IO in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

⭐️Vector mages: If you can draw a cute doodle or design an interesting character, invent a next CEX.IO mascot that will represent the exchange! Or take it a level further and create the whole sticker set!

⭐️Memes or gifs: If your inner troll can generate some fun ideas for memes or gifs, knock yourself out and make the whole series describing how it is to be a CEX.IO user! 

⭐️Articles: If you have something to say, write original and thoughtful pieces about CEX.IO and our role in the industry at large. We want to see in-depth analyses, insightful observations, research-based forecasts, and everything that will make us exclaim “Hmm, haven’t thought about it that way!”

⭐️Videos: If standing in front of a camera or making a moving picture is your thing, nothing like a captivating high-quality video! A well-thought-out monologue, an animation, or even an Epic Rap Battle, are all things we would LOVE to see!

⭐️Art: Anything can be a piece of art. An interesting installation, a 3D design, a poem, a meaningful photograph related to CEX.IO!

The bottom line, you do not need to exhibit your work at the New York Museum of Modern Art or store a couple of Oscars on your shelf to participate. You are an artist, just the way you are!

Requirements to the creative work:  

Nerds at heart, we get turned on by the good quality of work! An honest effort is attractive and always grabs our attention. So, our Creativity Awards – the Bitcoin-denominated prizes – will go to those whose work displays some attention to format, grammar, and style.

And we do not mean perfection – the real effort is what we are looking for!

Here are the requirements for creative content to be eligible to participate:

  • Creative work needs to be about CEX.IO – this is kind of obvious.
  • Created AFTER the announcement of the contest. The pieces you’ve created and published earlier than TODAY will not be able to participate.
  • It needs to be original and exclusive for CEX.IO and distinctly marked so. For example, a Youtube video or an article needs to have a link to us. Non-exclusive pieces will not qualify, and, it goes without saying that we do not tolerate plagiarism.
  • Has to be well put-together and thought-through. No cookie-cutter or copy-paste job, please! There is no place for ctrl+c, ctrl+v in creativity.
  • Must be authored by you and cannot violate any intellectual property rights.
  • By participating, you give us the right to use your submission in our promotional activities during and after the runtime of the contest.
  • By participating, you also grant us the right to alter your work, make derivatives of this work, and use it further without any restrictions and limitations. 
  • You can submit many entries, but you can only win once. Of course, if you send us a lot of great and creative stuff – your chances go way higher! 
  • No resubmissions of content! If it did not pass for whatever reason, we will not review another version of it.


We plan to award 25 creatives out of all the contest participants. But this is like the market: if there is demand, the (number of) prizes will go up! Heck, we might even throw in some surprises!

🥇 1st place: $500 worth of BTC 

🥈2nd place: $300 worth of BTC

🥉3rd place: $200 worth of BTC 

🏅4th place: $100 worth of BTC

💌 5th- 15th places: $30 worth of BTC each

✉️16th-25th places: $20 worth of BTC each.

😱😱😱So your talents you could be making you some BTC right now!  😱😱😱

🏆How to participate: four easy steps

1: Share this poster on any of your social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Steemit) with a link to this post (Here it is: https://a192dd6325a834ccda99579495ff9e06-2a31b0c30bd5e3b6.elb.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/leadership/announcing-creativity-awards-at-cex-io-20107)

Write-click the image to save it so you can share it on your social media!

2: Be a member of our Telegram group https://t.me/CEX_IO

3: Create your awesome original content

4: Submit it for our review by clicking the button below 👇👇

You can submit in a format of a link to your work (e.g. youtube video) or as a digital file (e.g. an image).

Notice, a submission does not guarantee any prizes. And, if we do not get enough eligible submissions, we will not award all the prizes to participants. In other words, if there are few submissions of low quality – they will not receive the prizes. We will also not publish a table of submissions and will only announce the winners. If you are not among them – your submission did not win. 

But enough about that, let’s talk about WINNING!

🏆How to win:

We will collect submissions all the way up to December 8th. Up to the last day of submissions, we will share every submission that meets the requirements on our social media with the button to upvote on Telegram. At that moment, we encourage the creator to promote their submission on social media channels and invite their friends, family, and colleagues to upvote the submission on Telegram. We’ll upvote the ones we like too!

Participants are allowed to market their submission (repost, talk about it) on our Telegram channel, to a reasonable degree. No spamming, please! But the earlier you send your submission, the more attention it gets. And more attention – more upvotes. You get the idea. And if you have your people rooting for your submission – that’s how winning is done!

After the submissions are closed on December 8th, we’ll take a couple of days to process/assemble all submissions.  By December 13th, 4 submissions with most votes plus one “wild card” (the one we liked the most at CEX.IO if it’s different from the 4 most voted) will move to the second round of votes. These submissions will be ones taking the first places, but which exact place – the FINAL vote will determine. 

The remaining prizes will be awarded to the eligible and interesting submissions out of the participants who did not move to the 2nd round. By Monday, December 16th, all places will be finalized!

Upd.: For clarity, the prizes for the submissions that did not move to the second round will be awarded based on the team’s decision. The votes will play some role, but, unlike the top placements, it will be the team that decides which submission gets an award.

🏆How to receive your prize:

You do not need to be a CEX.IO client to participate. However, if you win, you need to have a CEX.IO account with basic verification to receive your price. Just be sure that your country, state, the territory is where we provide services. You can check it here: https://cex.io/limits-commissions

🏆It’s a Go Time!

That’s it! Now get your brush, pen, camera, photoshop, you name it – and let your fantasy lose!

We cannot wait to see what our talented, creative, and inventive members of our community can do!  


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