Earn When You Buy — Receive Cashback on Crypto Purchases

, September 13, 2022

To show appreciation for our community, CEX.IO is thrilled to announce it has a new promo up on its sleeve. 

From September 14 through October 11, 2022, CEX.IO will reward select Instant Buy crypto purchases with a 5% cashback.

There are a few simple rules to follow to participate in the promo. 

Whether you’re just starting your crypto journey with CEX.IO or you’ve been with us for a while, you’re eligible for participation. You just need to:

  • Click on the Give me cashback button
  • Go to Instant Buy on the CEX.IO webpage 
  • Choose the currency you want to buy
  • Click Buy Now to complete the transaction.

Please keep in mind that cashback applies to purchases made with a VISA or Mastercard credit/debit card. Other payment methods will not be eligible for the reward.

Any cashback will be deposited to your CEX.IO account within 30 business days after the transaction is completed. The maximum total reward you can get is $100 (100€, £80).

Don’t hesitate, start getting cashback today!



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