CEX.IO Launches Crypto Believers Party Series with NFTs Awarded to Top Participants

, July 25, 2022

When the going gets tough, it’s not uncommon for the tough to throw a party. From hosting galas to bankroll relief efforts, to putting-on-the-greatest-show-this-town’s-ever-seen to stave off some pending disaster: to celebrate in the face of calamity is to be truly human. 

Since 2020, CEX.IO has hosted over 40 giveaways, and awarded over $200,000 in prizes to 1000+ winners. In this spirit we’ve decided to flip the script on the season’s downward turn by hosting the Crypto Believers Party Series.

Surviving a bear market

But it’s not with callous disregard for the present that we find ourselves setting up the dance floor. Those who’ve been with CEX.IO from the beginning know this is not our first bear market. After two crypto winters, we pack for cold weather. And nothing gets the blood flowing like a little excitement.

 While the mood throughout the crypto ecosystem remains dire, we try to remember that every moment contains new opportunities. With more accessible pricing, it’s prime time to consider exploring new assets, pad your portfolio with more of your favorite coin, or explore staking with CEX.IO.

 For those looking to HODL their way through the downturn, CEX.IO’s hassle-free, no lock-up staking can help put your crypto to work. Earn rewards of up to 23% APY just by holding stakeable coins and tokens in your CEX.IO Wallet. 

But no matter how the future unfolds, we’re here to help boost morale when the community needs it most. Looking back on our record of empowering users with crypto prize pools and giveaways, we wanted to do our part to share some warmth. So get ready to party.

Crypto Believers Party Series

To reinvigorate the excitement that drives crypto enthusiasts, we knew we had to go big. But then it dawned on us: why throw one party when you can throw a whole series of parties? And like that, the Crypto Believers Party Series was born.

Over the next few months, CEX.IO will run a new crypto giveaway every two (2) weeks, with fresh prizes and opportunities available to registered users at every turn. Earn rewards and diversify your portfolio with chances to win over 100+ popular cryptocurrencies available across our products, tools, and services.

We’ll announce new giveaways on our social media, so keep your eyes locked on CEX.IO’s channels for fresh updates.

But that’s not all.

CEX.IO NFT Giveaway

At the end of 2022, we’re giving away three exclusive CEX.IO NFTs to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most active participants across the Crypto Believers Party Series. Not only will top participants automatically become official CEX.IO party animals, but winners will also enjoy additional perks to accompany their new status within the community.

While the full scope of these benefits is still being determined, these unique assets will be designed in-house and minted with “IN CRYPTO WE TRUST” to commemorate the true believers.

Here’s how to win

To qualify for NFT prizes at the end of the year, follow the instructions below:

  • Follow CEX.IO on social media.
  • Enter at least three (3) Crypto Believers Party Series promotional events starting July 2022.
  • Fill out this form to specify your email and user ID.

Just complete these few quick steps, participate in at least three (3) parties, and you’re one step closer to taking home the ultimate non-fungible prize: bragging rights.

Follow CEX.IO on social media, and get ready for a Crypto Believers Party Series you won’t want to miss. Trust us: after selling BTC for $150 back in 2013, we know a little something about crypto FOMO.



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