CEX.IO is proud to become one of the top exchanges to allow trading Darkcoin on its platform. We couldn’t but pay attention to this extraordinary altcoin within constant analysis of the crypto industry and the habit of staying up-to-date.

Having added a Darkcoin subpool to GHash.IO, we have soon created a Darkcoin wallet for each user so that they could store their DRK mining rewards. Darkcoin trading pairs were to come in short. Thereby, due to shared credentials between CEX.IO and GHash.IO, we have created a single platform for mining and trading DRK for the extremely active community standing behind this cryptocurrency.

Contrary to Bitcoin, Darkcoin offers privacy and anonymity to those users who are not willing to make their transactions publicly available. X11 hashing algorithm used by Darkcoin is used for both GPU’s and CPU’s requiring less power and producing less heat, which makes it more profitable in comparison to other miners.
What is even more important, Darkcoin can be used as a platform for testing new technologies to be later integrated to the Bitcoin protocol.

Thereby, CEX.IO invites the Darkcoin community to sign up with our exchange and mining pool. From our side, we promise high security, various trading and mining options, professional 24/7 support and much more.