CEX.IO Introduces Online SEPA Payments

, October 16, 2014

CEX.IO continues improving its services. The latest move in this direction is introduction of a new payment instrument, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). We aimed to simplify financial transactions in Euro on CEX.IO and make deposits and withdrawals for EU users even easier.

SEPA is a European Union regulation that integrates payment systems, which uses common standards, faster settlement and simplified processing. With a new feature available, our consumers will benefit with a driving down cost: all withdrawals can be processed with a lower fee — €0,4 for SEPA users and €5 for a standard international payment. Moreover, the deposits are totally free.

To make a payment one will need an IBAN number to identify the bank and personal account (other details are pulled via system: bank, accounts, name, etc.). With a strong focus on safety and security, once a successful withdrawal is made on IBAN via SWIFT payment systems, it will be unblocked for the further SEPA usage.

Meanwhile, this is by far our latest improvement. Earlier we have already shown off an expanding of trading pairs with accepting US dollar and Euro via bank transfers and payment cards. We will continue to stand for the benefit of our consumers, delivering the most user-friendly crypto exchange experience.



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