CEX.IO July 2022 Media Report

, August 3, 2022

Despite cooler temperatures across the crypto ecosystem, CEX.IO enjoyed a media hot streak this July with positive exposure and topical thought leadership throughout the month. Below is a selection of our top media stories highlighting CEX.IO’s current positioning within the industry, along with insights into how we’re navigating unprecedented periods of financial and geopolitical uncertainty.

Authority Magazine: Jonathan Wykes of CEX.IO On The 5 Things That Can Be Done To Improve and Reform The Cryptocurrency Industry

On July 6, CEX.IO’s Managing Director of the U.K., Jonathan Wykes, sat down with Authority Magazine to discuss ways the crypto industry could benefit from improvements, and elaborated on his own personal and professional journey through the ecosystem. From better regulation to sounder education, Wykes outlined a few targeted renovations that could improve accessibility and professionalism within the crypto space.

“The industry is deeply technical, if we want to increase client/user adoption and have a crypto industry that is truly ‘for all,’ we need to make it more accessible. Not only in terms of user-friendly technology, but in terms of the language used, and as such we need to educate people about the benefits and not leave them feeling overwhelmed.”

Coinspeaker: Will Current Geopolitical Crisis Influence Crypto Market?

On July 11, Founder and CEO of CEX.IO Oleksandr Lutskevych contributed to Coinspeaker’s coverage of Russia’s ongoing hostilities against Ukraine and how they are impacting the crypto ecosystem. Where leaders from around the world are calling for greater regulation within the DeFi space, the realities on the ground in Ukraine suggest that daily life could risk collapse without the free movement of funds that crypto provides. With the stakes continuing to rise, finding the proper balance between regulation and liberation continues to be a matter of extreme urgency.

“In present-day Ukraine, where the uninterrupted movement of funds is a matter of life and death, the increased use of cryptocurrencies becomes a viable payment method in the event that others get disrupted or overloaded.”

Yahoo.com: CEX.IO Introduces COMPASS: Topline Trends for the Crypto Curious and Serious

On July 19, Yahoo.com highlighted the release of CEX.IO’s Q2 report COMPASS: Topline Trends for the Crypto Curious and Serious. This robust document made waves for its financial and technical analysis of BTC’s current health, coupled with insightful breakdowns of noteworthy events currently reverberating throughout the crypto space. From the Ethereum Merge to the collapse of Terra and UST, come hungry for a comprehensive look back at the events shaping the current crypto landscape.

“Q2 2022’s edition includes analysis on Ethereum’s block space war, stETH decoupling and why 1 ETH ≠ 1 stETH, and miner capitulation and the impact of capital markets on the BTC network.”

Kaiko (Medium): Kaiko releases its Cryptocurrency Exchange Ranking for Q2 2022

On July 19, Kaiko updated its cryptocurrency exchange ranking for Q2 of 2022, which saw CEX.IO  rising on multiple fronts. Not only did we climb to 8th place overall among our competitors, but we were also inducted into the “AA”-rated group for continued excellence in six categories: Governance, Business, Liquidity, Security, Technology, and Data Quality. 

We feel honored to have our hard work for the betterment of all market participants recognized and respected.

US News & World Report: Don’t Be Fooled by a Crypto Scam: 5 Swindles to Avoid in 2022

On July 20, CEX.IO’s Managing Director of the U.K. Jonathan Wykes was back in the headlines, this time speaking with US News & World Report about crypto scams to watch out for in 2022. From avoiding phishing and investment scams to steering clear of unsustainable projects and meme coins, Wykes warned that, until proper regulations are enacted, using street smarts is essential to staying above water in increasingly uncertain markets.

“The nature of being decentralized means that a bank, regulator, or law enforcement agency has no control over the network or crypto assets unless your crypto was scammed by another user on a centralized exchange. Getting stolen crypto back is nearly impossible.”

Cointelegraph: 10 ways blockchain is (and could be) leveraged by public and private entities

On July 26, CEX.IO’s Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych contributed to a Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discussion about how blockchain technology could be applied to achieve greater efficiency and data integration across public and private spaces. Landing on tokenization as his topic of choice, Lutskevych unpacked how physical assets could enjoy a second life and greater freedom of movement across a decentralized network.

“Tokenization gives physical assets a digital identity while simultaneously challenging the legacy definitions of property, ownership, and authority. It enables physical assets to adopt the benefits of blockchain. This enables increased liquidity, transparency, decentralization, efficient transactions, and the democratization of access to those assets.”


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