CEX.IO Launches Zcash Trading

, October 2, 2017

We are excited to welcome a new market on CEX.IO exchange — Zcash, one of the top existing cryptocurrencies. The market launches with 4 pairs available for trading: ZEC/USD, ZEC/EUR, ZEC/GBP, and ZEC/BTC. We are also planning to enable fast purchase and sale of Zcash through our Buy/Sell service in the nearest future, as well as Zcash margin trading if highly requested by the users.

Launched back in 2016, Zcash is a promising cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over $626 million. Literally, Zcash is a fork of the BTC protocol and has developed its own, Zerocash protocol that offers extra privacy protection to its participants. Zcash is powered by a strong team of scientists and engineers, with whom you can get acquainted on the coin’s official website. Moreover, the Zcash gained the support of such well-known advisors and specialists as Gavin Andresen and Vitalik Buterin.

CEX.IO team is thoroughly investigating the market and demand when considering to launch trading for another altcoin. Provided the technology and protocol behind Zcash, we believe that the addition of this cryptocurrency is a worthy addition to our services. We are planning to launch more currencies in the nearest time. Vote for the altcoin you want to be added on CEX.IO here.



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