CEX.IO Participates In Online Conference for Leaders In Crypto And Blockchain Tech
Oct 13, 2021

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On October 14-15 Dmytro Volkov, CEX.IO’s Chief Technology Officer, will be taking part in the ongoing Synopsis 2021 online conference.

The 5-day international event is bringing together over 50 000 market participants interested in the latest developments in the fields of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and decentralized finance.

Investors, analysts, developers, and crypto enthusiasts, in general, are discussing topics like blockchain adoption, crypto marketing, the evolution of crypto-economics, etc. Market leaders are sharing their experiences and know-hows with each other.

Dmytro’s participation in the conference is two-fold. On October 14 he will be speaking on the topic of exchanges and what role they play in the DeFi sector and its development. 

Following that, on October 15th, he will take part in a panel discussion, joined by representatives of various leading exchange platforms. Other members of the discussion will include:

  • Maria Stankevich – Chief Business Development Officer, EXMO
  • Evgeny Pavlov – Sales Director, Binance
  • Dmitry Sheludko – Chief Executive Officer, Biconomy
  • Artem Moiseev – Chief Executive Officer, J2TX

They will discuss, among other things, the differences and similarities of investments in traditional finance and crypto markets, matters of regulation and KYC implementation among exchanges, prospects of cryptocurrency investments, and potential future trends in this market.

For more information on the event feel free to check out the link.