CEX.IO September 2022 Media Report

, October 6, 2022

Fall may be in full swing but we’re keeping the temperatures up with another busy month of media activity. Along with an announcement of CEX.IO’s double recognition at the 2022 International Business Magazine Awards, September saw timely thought-leadership on key issues facing the crypto ecosystem and additional accolades for the promotional arm of our products and services. Below is a selection of our top media hits, including a helpful ebook co-authored by our Head of Corporate Payment Solutions, Arina Dudko.

Cointelegraph: 8 things to remember as the U.K. considers new crypto property laws

On September 13, CEX.IO Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych returned to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to unpack the U.K.’s new considerations around crypto property law. A regular on the Expert Panel, Lutskevych addressed the need to better define the value of cryptocurrencies at a systemic level if we hope to see widespread adoption beyond purely online spaces.

“Achieving true DeFi integration requires codifying the value of cryptocurrencies as a distinct asset class with the freedom of mobility necessary to meet Web3 and real-world environments.”

Bitcoin Insider: CEX.IO continues its hot streak at International Business Magazine Annual Awards

On September 15, Jonathan Wykes, Managing Director of the U.K and Europe for CEX.IO was quoted by Bitcoin Insider on the significance of our recognition across two categories at the 2022 International Business Magazine Awards: Most Trusted Crypto Exchange Platform and Most Secured Trading Platform in the U.K. Of the accolades, Wykes expressed gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate the hard work of our global team,offering best-in-class guidance during uncertain times.

“As a champion of inclusion and regulation within the DeFi space since before the term was invented, we try to anticipate and innovate around emerging trends to protect the information, assets, and trust of our users. There’s no substitution for maintaining customer relationships, and we’re truly honored to be celebrated for our ongoing commitments to our users,” Wykes concluded.” 

Finextra: Crypto Adoption Has Enhanced Existing Philanthropic Efforts – That’s Welcome News For Uncertain Times

On September 27, CEX.IO’s Head of Corporate Payment Solutions Arina Dudko appeared in Finextra to discuss how crypto payments have increased the speed and agility of philanthropic aid. As demonstrated by the development of our Donation Widget to support Ukrainian relief efforts, Dudko unpacked how digital assets have the ability to circumvent bureaucratic and institutional red tape to reach organizations on the ground.

“High-profile global events have forced the need for seamless cross-border transactions back into the spotlight. As more people start holding cryptocurrencies, and new populations stand to benefit from the freedoms they offer, restructuring aid to center digital assets should become a top priority.”

News Explorer: 8 Best Crypto Airdrops in 2022

On September 27, CEX.IO was recognized by News Explorer for offering some of the Best Crypto Airdrops of 2022, including our Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) giveaways. Ranked alongside other industry partners, project incubators, and gamified online environments, we’re thrilled to have our hard work elevated. Check out or bookmark our Giveaways & Contests page to participate in the next opportunity to earn free crypto.

“One of the best crypto airdrops from CEX.IO is the $3,000 of Kusama (KSM) tokens it’s awarding to 20 participants. We delved deeper and found that one participant will receive $500 in KSM, and a further two entrants will receive $300 each in tokens. An additional two participants will receive KSM valued at $200 each. Fifteen airdrop entrants will be awarded $100 worth of tokens each.”

Fiat Republic: How crypto platforms can win the fiat strategy car race

On September 29, Fiat Republic announced the publication of their new ebook, co-authored by CEX.IO’s Head of Corporate Payment Solutions Arina Dudko. Back for an encore performance in this month’s report, Dudko helped carry the racing metaphor over the finish line by elaborating on the many ways CEX.IO functions as a trusted and experienced pit crew. Keep this file handy and get ready for new projects in the pipeline.

“The current bear market is the time to focus on building and enhancing the quality of our products. We’re taking the opportunity to build out our ecosystem to become the 5-in-1 solution (trading, buying and selling, staking, yielding, saving) and more that consumers want.”



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