The buzz around DeFi projects continues to mount. Responding to our customers’ requests, we’re continuing to extend the number of DeFi markets presented on the CEX.IO platform. The next one we’ll add is Akropolis (AKRO).

We’ll soon switch on deposits and withdrawals of AKRO and add AKRO/USDT pair with a negative maker fee (-0.05%).

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ℹ️ About the Akropolis project and AKRO token


📌 What is Akropolis?

Akropolis is a blockchain-based pension fund ecosystem. It offers an alternative pension infrastructure through the decentralized formation of pension funds. Users can form a fund that accrues pension payments and independently establish the moment when they want to receive pensions. Pension payments will be made in an internal token that users can exchange for other crypto or fiat currencies.


📌 What issues does Arkropolis solve?

The first two products to make use of AkropolisOS, Sparta and Delfi, allow users to engage in the loan/credit process and to “yield farm” other DeFi tokens. Sparta is a community-owned fund that allows for undercollateralized loans and passively generated yields. Delphi allows users to easily average their cash into BTC and ETH and participate in different yield harvesting opportunities.


📌 What is the innovation?

The Akropolis team has launched AkropolisOS, a Solidity framework for building complex dApps and protocols (savings, pensions, loans, investments). Users can also use this framework for creating for-profit Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with automated liquidity provision, programmatic liquidity, and treasury management.


📌 Ecosystem

The Akropolis protocol is composed of several layers, each of which is responsible for a separate function:

  •         Identity management module (IM)
  •         Accounting module
  •         AFO maintenance and governance module
  •         Network governance module
  •         Payment processing module (C2FC Framework)

This structure allows the network to facilitate the development of Autonomous Finance Organizations (AFOs). These can be public or private entities that interact with internal and external capital providers (via pooling) and other stakeholders.


📌 Adoption

AKRO is a governance token in the Akropolis network. It’s primarily used to build trust and enable management via block validation, collateral lock-ups, and vote participation. The network requires AKRO token holders to engage in staking. The system makes use of AKRO to obtain a collateralized loan from a pool.


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Note: AKRO is currently not available for US residents.

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