Today we are announcing the expansion of CEX.IO markets with a new asset — Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT is an ERC20 token. It provides access to various advertising and attention-based services on Brave, a digital advertising platform powered by the blockchain.  

The listing schedule looks as follows:

  • We will enable BAT deposits and BAT/USD trading on January 31. 
  • BAT withdrawals and BAT/EUR trading will go live on February 4. 
  • We will kick off BAT/GBP trading on February 6.

Once listed, BAT will also be available for purchase using your Visa or Mastercard. 

BAT background and stats

The BAT project started in 2017 with the vision of Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. Funds backing BAT Foundation Capital, Pantera Capital, Founders Fund, Propel Venture Partners, and DCG. In May 2017, the token’s ICO raised $35 million in just 30 seconds.

The total supply of BAT is 1.5 billion coins. Project owners shared 1 billion tokens among investors and allocated 300 million coins to remunerate users. They also remained 200 million in the project development fund.

The BAT coin has a userbase of over 10 million people. The Brave browser creates a natural demand for the BAT token. At the moment of writing, BAT ranks 31st on CoinMarketCap, with an over $314 million market cap and a daily trade volume of over $56 million.

About the Brave platform and BAT application

The Brave browser represents the core of the BAT ecosystem. Anonymous online advertising platform, Brave aims at beating fraud and avoiding privacy violations in the digital advertising space. Users of the Brave can choose whether to watch ads, and the browser monitors their behavior in real time. Advertisers pay in BAT for the opportunity to offer their products to interested users.

According to the project, Brave has reliable fraud protection. The platform takes all reasonable measures to ensure the security of personal data. To earn BAT coins, a user watches ads. While scammers are deprived of this opportunity. In fact, the service interacts only with real advertisers and potential buyers.

Users can use BAT outside the Brave network. For example, software developers can integrate it into other browsers. Then, connect directly to a large advertising system.

Both Brave and BAT strive to benefit all participants in the system. Advertisers can optimize their work by offering products only to an interested audience. While users can get a reward for viewing information that is useful to them. Besides, BAT owners can use coins to buy exchange services or sell them to other participants.

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Disclaimer: The above content is for informational purposes only. You should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Please study the asset on your own before making any investment or trading decisions.