CEX.IO: 5+1 Years of Making a Difference

, November 1, 2019

We’ve added another year to the history of CEX.IO. Looking at how far we’ve come, we’re really proud of our achievements.

Growing and improving our services, earning the trust of many customers worldwide, and guiding our users into the world of open finance every day are great achievements. But that’s far from the whole list of what we’ve done this year.

Without further ado, let’s recap another amazing year in the life of CEX.IO.

More trading opportunities

You asked for more coins and markets and we heard you! During the past year, we listed 7 coins — GUSD, MHC, OMG, ONG, ONT, TRX, and BTT — and added a brand-new USDT market. Consequently, we expanded our list of currency pairs to increase trading opportunities for our customers. And we’re certainly not going to stop there. 

Moreover, to ensure the listing process is completely clear and transparent, we created a Listing/Delisting Policy. It explains the main criteria for choosing coins and tokens to be listed. It also provides details on the delisting procedure and specifies how and when we will notify customers about a coin or a token delisting.

US expansion

This year was crucial for our global expansion. To date, we have been able to provide our services in 224 countries and territories around the world. The next natural step was to start providing services in the United States. We launched a dedicated US presence – CEX.IO Corp – to facilitate US growth under a transparent regulatory umbrella. Following this path, we’ve already received Money Transmitter Licenses in 17 states and now are able to serve customers in 32 US states. And we’re pushing the bar higher. We continue working on obtaining a Money Transmitter License in every applicable US state. This will allow us to service all jurisdictions in the US, and to continue our mission to provide a regulated, trusted path for the general public to participate in the digital economy.

We are excited to serve new geographies, proud of the work we’ve accomplished, and thrilled about what lies ahead. 

DLT license

Since our inception, we’ve strived to provide a trusted, regulated, and secure trading platform on which our customers can engage with the crypto economy. When other exchanges have run from regulation, CEX.IO has embraced it and earned users’ trust. 

We remain steadfast in this approach and are happy to announce that this year, CEX.IO received a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) license from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). Receiving this license means we’ve proven that all our procedures satisfy GFSC requirements, including for effective corporate governance arrangements and risk management, financial crime prevention practices, advanced security systems and protocols, protection of customer assets, and adequacy of financial and non-financial resources.

CEX.IO was among the first cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe to implement the highest standards of compliance with regulatory procedures. We’re proud that those accomplishments allowed us to obtain a DLT license. CEX.IO will keep on improving its regulatory framework for different services in order to create an ecosystem that guides customers into the world of open finance. 

Product development

It’s not only the regulatory and expansion aspects of CEX.IO that we’re actively working on. We also keep improving our products and services to ensure a seamless trading experience for you. This year we upgraded the CEX.IO mobile app with a fancy new look and a lot of long-awaited features such as price alerts, order notifications, referral links, and balance estimates. 

We understand that with the high pace of the crypto industry, it’s vital to stay up to speed and be able to quickly respond to market moves. Hence, we keep investing a great deal of effort to make your mobile trading unlimited. 

More fiat payment options 

Over the course of our six-year history, there’s one feature of CEX.IO that our users have gotten accustomed to – fiat deposits and withdrawals. Since the introduction of this functionality back in 2014, we’ve dedicated a lot of effort to sustaining uninterrupted, fast, and secure money transfers. During this past year, we not only added more fiat payment methods, but also made them significantly cheaper. Now our customers can use the following bank transfer methods with lower limits and at lower cost:

  1. International SWIFT bank transfers
  2. Domestic bank transfers:
  • SEPA for EEA countries (EUR)
  • ACH and domestic wire transfers for the US (USD)
  • Faster Payments for the UK (GBP) 

We’ve significantly broadened our banking relationships and added more banking partners to include some of the most well-known industry leaders, both in Europe and in the US, and we’re still pushing further. 

We define our role in the crypto industry as providing easy access to the open financial system for users across the globe. We can only be successful in this if our users can enter and exit the cryptocurrency economy with tools that are familiar to them — cards and bank transfers — all available at reasonable prices.

Official Telegram communities launched

With over 3 million users globally, CEX.IO embraces diversity and brings together people from different life paths and different experiences with crypto. We’d like everyone to benefit from this diversity by sharing knowledge, insights, and news about the latest innovations in the blockchain industry. That’s why we decided to launch a community on Telegram to foster discussion, share knowledge, and hear the voices and feedback from our users.

Launched a little less than half a year ago, our Telegram community now counts over 5,700 users and keeps growing! Moreover, we recently launched a dedicated Telegram community for our Russian-speaking audience. We’re excited that our global community is growing. If you’re still not there, you’re welcome to join the international Telegram community at https://t.me/CEX_IO and the dedicated Russian-speaking community at https://t.me/CEXIORU. Happy chatting! 

We’re also ready to push our Telegram Bot (@CexIoInfoBot) to offer our customers another point of service. 

All the achievements described above are just the tip of the iceberg. The path we’ve chosen isn’t easy, but we remain true and transparent to our customers. We’re here to stay, and we’re always available for you. We strive to be the most trusted place for worldwide audiences to participate in the digital evolution.

We’re certain that we have a bright future ahead, and we thank everyone who’s going there with us!

Here’s to another year!



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