You should always analyze the market before you decide to trade cryptocurrency or any other currency. By analyzing an order book, you can identify what may be the best moment to purchase. This can be complicated, though. So it may be way easier to track market trends and data on a graph.

Graphical data representation

We’re constantly working on our products, and now we’re pleased to provide all our users with charts for all cryptocurrency pairs in our mobile app. You can use these charts to get a clear picture of the market and understand where it’s moving.

These charts in the CEX.IO mobile app will simplify decision-making.

Charts in the CEX.IO mobile app

Here are several important points to pay attention to when using the updated CEX.IO mobile app.

  • Charts are now available for each trading pair directly in the mobile app. Just choose a trading pair in the CEX.IO Market section and its chart will appear on your screen.
  • Charts are available for both Android and iOS. No matter which operating system you have, you’ll be able to see how the market is moving and make decisions based on chart analysis.
  • For your convenience, charts adjust to the screen width. When you rotate the screen, they rotate as well.
  • You can quickly change the periodicity of charts. The minimum period is one minute and the maximum is three days. This means that you can easily adjust the scale for your analysis.
  • You can also tap and hold a separate candle for additional information. You’ll see the open, high, low, and close values as well as volume traded during the specified period.

It’s always a good idea to use charts when making an informed decision regarding cryptocurrencies. CEX.IO allows you to benefit from graphical information, which is now also available in the mobile app. Visualizing data will help you make reasonable and well-timed decisions. Use the charts provided by CEX.IO to analyze the market, recognize trends, and act at the right time.

If you still don’t have the CEX.IO mobile app, download it now to enjoy the best experience with CEX.IO even on the go.