Ripple (XRP) trading now available for US customers!
Dec 18, 2019

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Great news! From now on, US residents can fully use Ripple (XRP) as a digital asset on CEX.IO, including XRP deposits, withdrawals, trading, and simple purchase of XRP for USD using VISA or MasterCard. 

The Ripple market on CEX.IO is currently presented with the following pairs:


At the moment of writing and according to the CoinMarketCap data, the market capitalization of Ripple is over $9.49 billion, meaning it is the third-largest cryptocurrency, only outpaced by Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is also the sixth most traded cryptocurrency, with over $1.27 billion in daily notional volume.

We’re glad to be opening new trading opportunities for our US customers. CEX.IO has obtained 20 money transmitter licenses so far and can currently serve residents in 37 states. Our goal is to obtain licenses in all states and provide our US clients with the entire range of CEX.IO  services.




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