As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, CEX.IO is determined to deliver top-notch service to its users. To achieve this aim, we’re launching a new complaints management initiative. Our managers will handle your complaints and do their best to ensure that the same situation doesn’t happen again.

Learning from criticism

As our customers are our most important critics, we highly value their opinions about our services. To work with customer feedback, we actively engage with our users on social media and consider their suggestions about our products. Unlike our competitors, we’re active on social media and forums. Our employees address customer feedback and recommendations on two social media services and eight forums, which makes us the most responsive cryptocurrency exchange.

Now, we’re ready to individually address complaints to take even more advantage of customer feedback. Your suggestions and complaints can help us move forward. Our new complaints system will also allow you to get your issues resolved if you’ve faced difficulties with any of our departments.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of a customer’s dissatisfaction with a service or product. You can leave a complaint if

  • you’re dissatisfied with a CEX.IO product;
  • you’re disappointed with the customer service you’ve received;
  • you’ve experienced difficulties with the CEX.IO platform.

How to leave a complaint on CEX.IO

You can file a complaint with CEX.IO in one of three ways:

  • Submit a complaint via the form in our Help Centre
  • Email a complaint to с
  • Send a written complaint by postal mail to CEX.IO LTD, 24th Floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, England, E14 5AB, United Kingdom

We recommend that you use the first option as it enables faster processing.

For your complaints to be handled most efficiently, we strongly encourage you to provide documentation and any details that can help us resolve your issue. This could be documents proving what happened and providing background on the issue. We would also appreciate a detailed description of your issue. This will help us to understand your complaint and handle it in the shortest time possible.

How does filing a complaint work?

Our Complaint Managers will ensure that your complaints are efficiently processed. Their priority is to make sure that every complaint is resolved within the shortest time possible.

Our Complaint Management team is a separate division within the Customer Care department. Their responsibility is to handle your complaints and make sure that situations causing dissatisfaction are resolved in the shortest time possible. To accomplish this, they have the power to settle issues that other departments have not managed to solve. They will analyze your situation and find the best solution. During the investigation, they will fully control the process, involve the responsible employees, and ensure you receive a fair response to your issue.

We sincerely hope that these complaint options will provide us with more space for growth, give us hints on what to improve, and allow us to make your experience with CEX.IO even better.