CEX.IO October 2022 Media Report

, November 3, 2022

While the trees are looking bare, this could be our fullest media report of 2022 thus far. 

October saw thought activity throughout our leadership team, as members continued to share timely insights on the issues shaping the crypto ecosystem. CEX.IO Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych appeared three times in the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to offer observations on the Ethereum Merge, unpack how regulators can approach the digital asset space, and reveal what key takeaways DeFi should glean from TradFi. 

Additionally our COO, Konstantin Anissimov, helped explain how the new U.K. Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, might further crypto adoption in the region, and how BTC can function as an inflation hedge.

We also invite you to join us in congratulating our Global Head of Compliance, Shelley Schachter-Cahm, who was shortlisted by GRC World Forums as a “Chief Compliance Officer of the Year.”

Below are a selection of our top media hits, as well as a download link to CryptoCompare’s recent Exchange Benchmark report. The piece outlines how CEX.IO maintained its “A” rating and Top 10 status within the industry, in Q3 2022.

Cointelegraph: 11 lessons crypto exchanges can learn from traditional markets

On October 6, CEX.IO Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych joined the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss how the crypto industry could take a page from traditional markets to fine tune operations. From only listing vetted projects, to promoting transparency within the space, Lutskevych highlighted how learning from TradFi can also mean not repeating its mistakes.

“Communicating the integrity of your exchange’s vetting process is essential to establishing trust in the community. The subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S. demonstrated the risk of valuing junk assets. However, by ensuring only durable, healthy listings make their way into the market, users can feel empowered to approach your tools and services with renewed confidence and peace of mind.”

Cointelegraph: Is Bitcoin an inflation hedge? Why BTC hasn’t fared well with peak inflation

On October 8, Konstantin Anissimov, COO for CEX.IO, spoke with Cointelegraph to discuss the validity of Bitcoin functioning as a hedge against inflation. Careful to avoid the pitfalls of casual usage, Anissimov pointed out that BTC’s advantages in the current financial landscape are relative to how we talk about inflation. Unfortunately, some things are bigger than economics.

“The roots of price inflation can be embedded in the geopolitical landscape and the ebb and flow of the global economy. These are points that few assets are shielded from, with BTC being no exception. While BTC can help hedge against certain types of inflation, some nuance is required to unpack that sentiment.”

GRC World Forums: Women in Governance Risk and Compliance Awards

Last month, CEX.IO’s Global Head of Compliance, Shelley Schachter-Cahm, was shortlisted by the Women in Governance Risk and Compliance Awards as a “Chief Compliance Officer of the Year.” The final winner will be announced at a ceremony set for this coming February in London. 

View the complete award listings and categories here.

Hedgeweek: Striking a balance between safety and growth

On October 10, Rich Evans, Managing Director for CEX.IO’s Prime Liquidity platform, spoke with Hedgeweek to discuss how companies can thread the needle between having a competitive edge, and remaining in the good graces of regulators. Since part of this process requires assessing projects on an individual and ongoing basis, Evans addressed the role exchanges can play to promote a healthy digital asset ecosystem.

“However, Evans explains the answer to assuaging these concerns lies in striking a balance between portfolio diversification and risk management. It is also critical for exchanges to move toward only listing credible projects. ‘This way, we can hope to find common ground that combines guardrails and scrutiny with ample room to grow and ideate,’ he says.”

Cointelegraph: 10 ways the ETH merge will change crypto (and how insiders can prepare)

On October 11, CEX.IO Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych returned to the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle to discuss how the crypto community can engage in the aftermath of the Ethereum Merge. With so much buzz and analysis circulating around the event, Lutskevych called for transparency and guidance from platforms, as we grow to understand the ramifications of this momentous achievement. 

“With ETH poised to see negative inflation and become even more amenable to staking following Merge upgrades, making sure market participants feel supported and informed throughout this flux period is crucial to maintaining confidence in the network. Platforms that offer guidance to users of all skill levels to engage with a fully PoS Ethereum network will be remembered for their stewardship.”

For more insight on the ETH merge, download our Q3 2022 COMPASS report.

Crypto Legends: S1E9 – CEX.IO: Delivering the neobank experience in crypto

Also on October 11, CEX.IO’s Head of Corporate Payments, Arina Dudko was interviewed as a part of Fiat Republic’s Crypto Legends series, discussing her journey from TradFi to DeFi. 

With experience guiding individuals and institutions alike between fiat and digital currencies, Dudko elaborated on why building a payment strategy around accommodating user needs is the way forward.

“We are led by our consumers, and we are building our strategy based on client needs. Before, crypto was something for only a small amount of customers, more internet native customers. But now, crypto is going mass market, and our clients are desiring the same payment options they have, for example, when they’re buying food online, buying clothes online, and we’re just trying to hear the needs of our customers in terms of coverage of regions, payment methods. We think this is the key.”

CryptoCompare: Exchange Benchmark Report

On October 20, CEX.IO maintained its “A” rating and “Top 10” status according to CryptoCompare’s Q3 2022 Exchange Benchmark report. Additionally, CEX.IO received the highest possible rating for offering KYC/Transaction Risk protection. 

Read the full report to explore CryptoCompare’s rubric for success, and how CEX.IO is continuing to bring home results.

Yahoo!Finance: Could Rishi Sunak make the UK a global crypto hub?

On October 25, CEX.IO’s COO Konstantin Anissimov spoke with Yahoo!Finance to discuss the shifting terrain of U.K. politics, and what it means to have a potential crypto ally at 10 Downing. However, for Sunak to deliver on his promise of turning the U.K. into a global crypto hub, Anissimov suggested a few key developments and fundamental questions that must arise, and be addressed, to make this dream a reality.

“If Sunak is keen on realising his dream of pivoting the UK toward becoming a world-class crypto hub, we must see clarity on what role the private sector will play in this new regulatory landscape. Additionally, defining how and to what extent the government plans to step in to protect market participants and institutional stakeholders alike would signal a true sea change for the UK’s policy toward crypto.”

Cointelegraph: 13 things regulators should know when considering and crafting crypto regulations

Lastly and also on October 25, CEX.IO Founder and CEO Oleksandr Lutskevych completed a trilogy of appearances with another trip to Cointelegraph’s Innovation Circle. This time, Lutskevych discussed how regulators could protect the ecosystem by assessing the viability of projects. Absent regulatory guidance, Lutskevych voiced the need for platforms to maintain a high level of scrutiny and vigilance to protect the value and trust of all market participants.

“One of the places we could use more transparency and oversight concerns the viability of projects. Any new solution brought to the DeFi marketplace should be accountable for maintaining the integrity of user information, value and trust at every stage of the crypto journey. Until regulators step up, exchanges and funding platforms must get better at discerning truth from financial fiction.”



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