Explaining CEX.IO Fees and Costs: Transaction and Maintenance
May 10, 2014

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Whenever you interact with an exchange or payment system, you are usually going to pay a fee to pay for the services provided. There are two types of fees or costs involved when taking certain types of action on CEX.IO, and these three fees are for transaction and maintenance. To understand how fees work on CEX.IO, you have to understand where each of these three fees comes into play. Let’s take a look at these three fees and when you can expect to pay them while using the CEX.IO platform.

Transaction Fees

Recently, CEX.IO introduced a transaction fee system for all buy/sell transaction onto its platform. The fee started at fixed 0.2% on every trade, and will move to the flexible system in the nearest future. The latest will embody 0.5%-0.2% commission, depending on user’s 30-day trading history. These fees are being introduced as new trading pairs, such as BTC/USD and USD/GHS, are going to be implemented. CEX.IO has been one of the very few exchanges that allowed traders to executed trades without taking a commission, but most users understood that this promotional fee would not last forever. To fully understand how these fees are calculated, it’s important to note that the 0.2% commission is taken from both sides of a single trade. This means the fee is attached to both buy and sell orders. Although some users will be turned off by the introduction of transaction fees, the reality is that the low fee still makes CEX.IO one of the most competitive Bitcoin exchanges on the market.

Maintenance Costs

The secondfee that a trader may come into contact with on CEX.IO is actually more of a cost than a fee. This fee is only charged if a user owns shares of cloud-based GHS. 1 GHS is nothing more than a share of Bitcoin hashing power on the Ghash.IO mining pool, and operating equipment on that pool costs real money. Although Ghash.IO is operating the Bitcoin mining hardware and taking care of the entire mining process for the owners of GHS, the reality is that certain maintenance costs still need to be paid for by the asset holder. Cloud mining through GHS is an excellent perk of trading on CEX.IO, but it does not mean that users also don’t have to pay for any of the real costs of mining. These maintenance costs are basically a way for Ghash.IO to pass the costs of electricity, general upkeep, and hardware replacements onto the holders of GHS. The GHS maintenance fee can vary depending on a variety of factors, but the current cost of operating a share of GHS is $0.00045 per hour.

Do not hesitate to ask

If you still have any questions on our fee policies, join the discussion on CEX.IO forum or submit a ticket to our support team. Thank you for staying with our exchange!