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, August 6, 2021

While big whales buying Bitcoin to keep it afloat, new assets were boiling in the background, and Ethereum was preparing to shed its old skin with the nearing hardfork London. July was a hot crypto month but it seems like it was just an opening act for much more!

📰 In July 2021 our experts discussed:

  • Security & Regulations
  • Crypto news
  • CEX.IO news
  • Analytics

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🔏 Security & Regulations

🔹 Many countries are now putting serious effort into finding ways to regulate and tax cryptocurrencies, as well as research the applications of central bank digital currencies and stablecoins in their economies. China is making steady progress with its digital yuan, the EU is looking into developing the digital euro within several years – aside from them, the US, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, and many others are also considering the notion of developing their own CBDCs. All this shows that governments across the world have accepted the benefits of blockchain technology, according to Konstantin Anissimov.

What needs to happen with cryptocurrencies for regulators to more readily accept this industry? 


🔹 Cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic over the past several years, with the global blockchain market expected to hit approximately $23 billion by 2023 and the total market size for cryptocurrencies expected to hit more than $1 billion by 2026. This surging market is a hotbed for cybercrime, however, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review finding that nearly $3 billion was laundered through cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019 alone, up from $1 billion the year prior. Read the report where PYMNTS talked with Konstantin Anissimov about how new blockchain-based security systems can help prevent social engineering attacks.


📣 Crypto news

🔹 Ethereum is all set to transition from its previous, energy-intensive proof-of-work to a more scalable and cheaper proof-of-stake. Analysts and traders believe the Ethereum market has a lot of upward potential due to looming shortages the upgrade is set to bring. Ether’s shrinking supply and rising demand will increase its value. The reduction of Ether on exchanges is certainly a favorable indication, according to Yuriy Mazur, head of the data analysis department at CEX.IO Broker. He says Investors are now looking for other ways to protect their ETH holdings amid the price drop rather than selling them directly for cash.

London hardfork – A game-changer for Ethereum! ETH price to soon surge 40% Against BTC 


🔹 Under the bill, the Securities Clarity Act, a digital token would be called an “investment contract asset” rather than a security, even if it is part of a securities offering, such as an initial coin offering. Emmer’s bill doesn’t go far enough because it would apply to few kinds of digital tokens and would not provide enough to facilitate secondary market trading, said Alexander Kravets, chief executive of CEX.IO US. Ideally, regulators need to identify and create an overarching digital asset structure — what is or is not a security, commodity, or ecosystem asset — how to apply the framework, how digital assets should trade, and so on, he said.

Bipartisan bill would block digital tokens from becoming securities 


🔹 UK’s advertising watchdog (ASA) to clamp down on misleading marketing for crypto investments. Mark Taylor, Head of Financial Crime at CEX.IO said: “ASA’s initiative is a welcome one. It is unusual as they historically have relied upon customer complaints. However, any action taken to better educate consumers about crypto and to be clear about the risks involved should be a welcome thing and it is no great surprise. The FCA has been regulating this type of miscommunication for a long time and with good intent. This matter is now getting the attention it requires and is no surprise. The financial industry has long been subject to rules concerning marketing and advertising and the need to be open and transparent with customers.”

Cryptocurrency price live news Сhina strikes Bitcoin Ethereum latest update 


🔹 Amazon, like many other large corporations, wants to give their customers “the opportunity to do something” with cryptos, said Arina Kulackovska, Head of Corporate Payment Solutions at CEX.IO. The company is actively hiring specialists so some of its potential future plans include accepting payments in cryptos. Alternatively, management may be interested in transferring some of its processes onto the blockchain or even paying employee bonuses in cryptos. The executive said: “There are indeed many speculation opportunities around this news.”

Pro: despite shooting down crypto rumors, Amazon ‘does not want to stand on the sidelines 


⭐ CEX.IO news

🔹 CEX.IO announces a new partnership with the leading blockchain data monitoring provider Chainalysis. CEX.IO leverages its partner’s comprehensive solutions to have a greater scope in transaction monitoring, with the ability to efficiently identify, investigate, and respond to suspicious activity on the platform. As part of the cooperation, Chainalysis provides CEX.IO access to its powerful Reactor investigation software and transaction monitoring suite to achieve more robust compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) rules and regulations.

“Chainalysis’ powerful solutions allow for a much safer environment for our customer base and assist in preventing CEX.IO’s platform from being abused,” said Konstantin Anissimov.

CEX.IO partners with Chainalysis to enhance platform security


🔹 In these interviews Konstantin Anissimov talks about the origins of CEX.IO, what challenges did we face during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how we responded to those challenges. Also, you will find exclusive information on our future plans. 


🔹 El Salvador has been featured in the headlines of numerous media outlets after becoming the first nation to make Bitcoin a legal tender. While many considered this a bold move, it is also a reasonable step for the Central American country’s government. The state lacks its own national currency – before adopting BTC, USD was the only official means of payment. Konstantin Anissimov takes a coffee shop as an example to illustrate that merchants currently need a third-party financial solution to accept Bitcoin for their products without putting their businesses in danger or dedicating much of their resources to make their own systems work.

Paying for coffee with crypto: Will it become our daily routine? 


📊 Analytics

While Bitcoin struggles to stay on the bullish side, Ethereum is said to obtain promising perspectives because of the much-anticipated London fork. Follow these links to find the data and deep analysis of the market by our experts.


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