Important CEX.IO API Updates
Jul 7, 2016

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Please be informed about considerable updates to CEX.IO API that have been already implemented or will come into effect shortly.

Maximum Order Amount — 30 BTC

Next week, maximum order amount for BTC/USD and BTC/EUR pairs will be limited to 30 BTC. If you are using trading bots, make sure to change their configurations taking this update into consideration. Maximum order amount for other trading pairs will be also changed later. We will make sure to inform you about that.

Order Status Changes

Order statuses range will be extended next week and look as follows:

“c” — canceled (not executed)
“cd” — cancel-done (partially executed)
“d” — done (fully executed)
“a” — active

As you can see, we have added a “cd” (cancel-done) order status for your convenience. For example, you can filter all orders with balance changes by requesting a combination of “d” and “cd” orders.

Increasing API Limits

As you may know, our API is limited to 600 requests per 10 minutes. We are glad to announce that you can request increasing limits, just drop an email to web@cex.io.

Python Library

Please be informed that we have developed a library for Python 3.5 client that will come you in handy when trading via WebSocket API.

We at CEX.IO strive to improve your trading experience day by day. In case you use CEX.IO API, please be informed that we have added even more functions to the documentation. We kindly ask you to view documentation and make sure to follow the upcoming updates.

Product Team
Product Team

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