Polygon Crazy Eights: Spin the Wheel and Step up Your MATIC Staking Rewards
Nov 14, 2022

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The gift-giving season may not be close at hand, but we’re wrapping presents anyway. And no, you won’t find them in stockings or under trees. Just spin our Polygon Crazy Eights Wheel to get an increase in your MATIC staking rewards!

So, what is it all about? From November 14 to November 27, 2022, instead of the regular 8% APY, MATIC stakers will be able to reap up to 30% APY over a seven-day period. So, if you aren’t staking MATIC yet, this is the perfect moment to start.

If this opportunity is striking your fancy, here’s how to participate in our Polygon Crazy Eights:

  • Spin the Wheel (link to the page). You will receive a random staking reward increase of 20%, 25%, or 30% instead of the 8% APY typical for MATIC.
  • Buy or deposit new MATIC tokens.
  • Hold MATIC in your balance for at least for a week.

Promo details

It’s no good trying to participate in a game if you don’t know and stick to the rules. Here’s what to keep in mind about Polygon Crazy Eights:

  • The promo lasts from November 14 until November 27, 2022. You can spin the wheel at any point during the promotion to begin receiving an increased APY.
  • You can deposit MATIC as many times as you wish during the promotion. However, you can spin the wheel only once.
  • To take part in the promo, you have to verify your CEX.IO account; otherwise, you won’t be eligible for participation. You haven’t verified your account yet? What are you waiting for? Go and verify it!
  • Only MATIC tokens purchased or deposited between November 14- 27 can qualify for the promo. Previous MATIC holdings will not be considered. 
  • Both existing and newly verified CEX.IO users may participate in the promotion. But do keep in mind that only new MATIC stakes qualify.

To make it clear how the promo works, let’s suppose that you have 1,000 MATIC in your account before participating in Polygon Crazy Eights. You spin the wheel and receive an APY of 20%, 25%, or 30%. Then you purchase an extra 1,000 MATIC. The new APY will apply to the additional MATIC tokens you bought after spinning the wheel. 

At CEX.IO, crypto staking starts automatically. To initiate it, you need to hold a minimum of 1 MATIC in your balance. To boost your rewards, you can stake more than the required minimum. The rewards are proportional to both the staking period and the amount — the more you stake, the more you will reap.

Fully verified users can spin the raffle wheel anytime from November 14 through November 27, 2022. The new APY will apply for seven days after purchasing or depositing new MATIC. 

MATIC Staking

Staking MATIC with CEX.IO typically earns you 8% APY. However, our Polygon Crazy Eights promo offers you an opportunity to increase your staking rewards by up to 30% APY. Hence, in just one week, you can earn 20%, 25%, or 30% APY.

No more waiting — spin the raffle wheel to increase your stakes!

Staking with CEX.IO 

Since 2013, we have been building a robust ecosystem of crypto products and services for users at every stage of their digital asset journey. In that time, we’ve worked tirelessly to become one of the most trustworthy staking providers in the crypto realm. 

Staking with CEX.IO is straightforward and intuitive: the moment you add designated coins and tokens to your wallet, the staking process begins automatically. You can reap rewards after only one day of staking!

Unlike our competitors, there is no such thing as a lock-up period at CEX.IO. You can withdraw your crypto at any time without fearing penalties. Visit our staking page for the list of stake-able assets. 

And remember: the true fun begins on November 14!