After we relaunched wire transfers in August, we promised to continue communicating with our partners on the conditions for the updated payment option. We wanted to provide our customers with an even better service for fast and secure money processing.

As a result of our successful negotiations, we are ready to announce a decreased commission rate for USD withdrawals by bank transfer. Starting from October 1, 2018, USD withdrawals will have a fee of just 1% per payment. From now on, our customers can enjoy cheaper withdrawals with the same quality and speed.

Why Use Bank Transfers?

Among all the payment options on CEX.IO, users greatly prefer using wire transfers to send funds to and from CEX.IO. Bank transfers are a traditional way to send money across the globe. In addition, sending money to CEX.IO from a personal bank account via bank transfer has comparatively lower fees than other alternatives.

Overall, wire transfers provide users with a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Popularity and accessibility across the globe
  • Reliable service with a time-tested reputation and security
  • Fast transfer processing and availability of funds
  • The guarantee that you’ll receive the funds either to your bank or CEX.IO account
  • The possibility of tracking payments sent and seeing where they are at the moment.

Benefits of Bank Transfers on CEX.IO

Besides the traditional benefits of bank transfers, wire transfers on CEX.IO provide customers with even more benefits.

  • The possibility to send larger amounts of money than when using cards
  • An option to accelerate deposit processing by sending us a proof of transfer
  • Cooperations with local banks for faster and more flexible wire transfers.
  • Deposits to CEX.IO by bank transfer are commission free.

We sincerely hope that the new commission for wire transfers will help you realize even greater benefits from trading on CEX.IO.