Since the launch of the CEX.IO mobile app, it has become more than an addition to the web platform interface. The Mobile app combines the main characteristics of a full desktop version and user-friendly interface, so buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or any other cryptocurrency will be a piece of cake.

Working on Improvements

We have been working on our mobile app to provide you with a trading tool that will completely meet your needs. Now, we have made substantial changes to the CEX.IO app and increased the services it offers. So, we encourage everyone to become an active user with the updated application. It allows taking benefit of the instant purchase option as well as XRP and XLM deposits and withdrawals.

Instant Crypto Purchase Opportunity

An important addition to our mobile app is the introduction of the instant purchase option. It will be useful to those customers who need to buy crypto fast and with minimum effort. This feature has for a long time been a choice of CEX.IO customers using the desktop version. Now, we are ready to announce it is also on for mobile devices. This service allows you to purchase any cryptocurrency supported on the platform with only a few taps.

How Does It Work?

The principle behind the instant purchase is the same as with the desktop version. It works based on FOK (Fill or kill) orders. They are either filled at the very moment or not completed at all.

Once you enter the Buy section, the price freezes for 120 seconds. This is the time during which you can buy the crypto for the offered rate; then the price will be recalculated. After you have decided to buy some crypto, here are the following steps:

  • Choose the currency and the amount to buy or input your custom amount;
  • Select a payment option (either a card or balance), and follow with the confirmation;


  • Get a receipt.

If the price has not changed dramatically or has fallen, you will receive the chosen crypto for the agreed price. Sometimes, in case of substantial price decrease, you may even receive more crypto than expected. At the same time, if the price has risen a lot in those 2 minutes, which is a rare case, the order will not be completed, and you will receive a notification about the price change. So, you will be able to decide whether you are ready to buy under the new conditions.

XRP and XLM Deposits and Withdrawals Enabled

We are also ready to announce XRP and XLM deposits and withdrawals in our mobile app. We know that this feature was in high demand and understand the inconvenience caused to the users by its void. Now, with the new opportunity, it will become easier for users to control all operations faster.

Deposits and withdrawals through the mobile app will allow the users to make instant decisions about sending their funds to CEX.IO or transferring them to their external wallets.

We sincerely believe that the newly introduced mobile app features will benefit your experience within the CEX.IO app. If you are still not using it, try the app now and get an outstanding opportunity to always carry the CEX.IO trading platform with you.