CEX.IO Ecosystem Evolution in 2022

, January 3, 2023

2022 seemed like a never-ending rollercoaster, full of challenges and a wide spectrum of emotions. A few sharp turns increased adrenaline throughout the year’s bearish ride. But while others shouted and waved their hands, we sat with a calm face working on improving the ecosystem. CEX.IO continued to follow its philosophies and delivered new products and ecosystem updates no matter what happened.

This level of adaptation to market conditions comes with time. As an established platform with an over nine-year history, we’ve come through numerous turbulences in the digital asset space. These times hardened us like steel but we always see room for improvements which can make us an even better-oiled machine. 

We are glad to see that our commitment to offering high-quality services was recognized by third parties — and our customers — throughout a rocky year for the industry.

Looking back at 2022 crypto market events, what immediately comes to mind is what we said a year ago — “we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk.” And what could be a better way to validate this claim than by showing what we achieved? Without further ado, let’s recap some of our major initiatives and accomplishments in 2022. 

Introduced Exchange Plus

In order not to miss trading opportunities while taking advantage of the best rates, experienced traders may maintain multiple accounts at various exchanges. Such an endeavor typically takes a lot of time, focus, and resources, which could be exhausting and costly for a trader. By introducing Exchange Plus, we wanted to offer traders the ultimate platform, where they can bring their trading strategies to life in a single terminal.

Powered by our institutional arm, CEX.IO Prime, Exchange Plus features deep liquidity, a broad range of markets, and enhanced functionality. With Exchange Plus, traders can take advantage of improved risk management by utilizing new order types and subaccounts. 

Exchange Plus is a major step forward in user empowerment, allowing users to dig deeper and find a better path to succeed in crypto markets. 

Relaunched Listings program

If you are a crypto project, it can be a daunting process to find a safe haven where you can anchor and introduce yourself to the crypto community. As a trusted guide and an established company in the crypto space, we want to help vetted crypto startups make their first splash with confidence. 

So in 2022, we relaunched our Listings program, offering crypto projects an opportunity to go through a transparent and robust listing process, with our expert guidance along the way. Our approach empowers projects to achieve wider adoption and recognition, while preserving their own identity and independence. With this initiative, we are looking forward to seeing more successful projects join the crypto space.

Developed numerous educational materials

When people are faced with something unknown to them, quite often they experience fear. But there is a very effective way to overcome this fear — education. When you know what you’re seeing, you can confidently know how best to proceed. 

As a fast-paced industry, the crypto market is rapidly generating nascent opportunities. Without continuous learning, you might eventually come to the party when all the fun is over, or make an uninformed mistake. That is why we want to offer an organic process of learning throughout our ecosystem, with extensive educational materials.

As a part of this effort in 2022, we:

By providing in-depth knowledge, we want you to be armed and prepared for any market situation.

Expanded and improved existing services

We are enlarging our ecosystem not only in breadth, but also depth. Here are some of the notable updates we implemented:

CEX.IO Exchange

We added over 30 cryptocurrencies to the platform, including Quant (QNT), ApeCoin (APE), and Algorand (ALGO). In addition, we expanded significantly the list of supported assets for U.S. customers. Now users from the U.S. can trade over 40 cryptocurrencies using the CEX.IO Exchange.


UPD: as of April 1, 2023 CEX.IO discontinued staking service in the U.S.

We added Avalanche (AVAX), Kusama (KSM), Kava (KAVA), and many other assets for staking. Furthermore, our hassle-free staking, which empowers users to earn rewards just by holding assets on their balances, became available in the U.S. 

In turn, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were introduced in CEX.IO Savings, empowering users to effortlessly earn rewards with these coins.


CEX.IO App became available in the U.S. and many other countries. We also added our Savings service to CEX.IO App, allowing users to accumulate crypto funds regardless of market conditions. Download CEX.IO App for iOS and Androidto manage your crypto portfolio anywhere, any time.

New payment options

We extended our multi-chain support by adding new networks available for transactions in and out of the CEX.IO ecosystem. CEX.IO users can now also enjoy PayPal and Trustly as funding options.

Website adjustments

We revamped web pages for some of our products and features to provide more valuable information to our customers. For example, the new API page contains more detailed documentation and useful guides to quickly start using our free API. In addition, we made monitoring our ongoing promotions and giveaways even more straightforward with a new Giveaways and Contest page.

Supported humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine

The outbreak of war in Ukraine earlier this year significantly impacted many of our colleagues and customers. And it continues to do so. From the first days of the invasion, we’ve worked around the clock to do what we can to help everyone affected by the crisis. As a result, we deployed a series of initiatives for our Ukrainian customers. We also launched the Donation Widget, then the Donation page, allowing anyone to directly support causes on the ground saving lives in Ukraine — without transaction fees.

We are grateful that our community joined us in this effort. Thanks to your donations, numerous people in Ukraine received urgently needed humanitarian assistance. This gives all of us hope that together we can overcome any difficulties. You shaped people’s lives for the better and became a part of their future. Accept our deepest gratitude for your support. 

What’s next?

The crypto industry is like a bullet train moving forward at high speed. New challenges may come, but we are here to stay. To keep up with any pace, we are preparing new products and improvements for our ecosystem to empower you to seize new opportunities. 

Whenever you feel lost in the crypto ocean, you can always visit your friendly harbor, CEX.IO. We will help you navigate the space so you can journey more confidently.

Disclaimer: Not investment advice. Seek professional advice. Digital assets involve risk. Do your own research.



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